How Frys Pickup (formally Click List) Saves Me Money

If you’re not familiar with Frys Pickup at Fry’s Food Stores, it is a program that Fry’s Food and Drug (Kroger) started at their retail stores. In essence, you go online and place items into your virtual shopping cart that are found in the store with this grocery pickup service.  

How Much Does Fry’s Grocery Pickup Cost?

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What’s the catch? Well, the first three orders are free, all orders thereafter charge a fee of $4.95 per visit. That $4.95 fee was enough for me to tell my wife this was a terrible idea.  

Here are some of the things we have done:

1) We used Fry’s pickup for our Thanksgiving dinner. This saved us money because we didn’t have to run around town looking for ingredients or cooking supplies and knew exactly how much the food would cost before we went to pick it up at the store. 2) We also ordered our Christmas dinner early so we could avoid the hassle of fighting the supermarket crowds. It worked perfectly! The delivery person came right to our car and put our holiday dinner and ingredients in the back of our vehicle and we had all the food we needed for Christmas Eve.

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Pros And Cons of Frys Pickup

Cons Of Frys Pickup

The more I have used Fry’s Pickup, I have found that the Pickup Associates do not always choose the freshest and best fruit and vegetables. I have received produce that had mold on them because it was apparent the workers quickly selected items without inspecting them as I would have in store.  

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When I go to the store, I usually have a list. I also do a pretty good job at sticking to that list – unless I’m hungry.  

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Pros of Frys Pickup

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As stated earlier, the only fee is the $4.95 fee which is waived if you spend more than $35 on your order! Additionally, if you order an item, say an 8oz can of beans, and they are out of them and only have the 12oz can, they will give you the 12oz can for the same price as the 8oz can.

Are Groceries More Expensive With Frys Pickup?

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When you use Frys Pickup, the total for your order is right there on the front screen as you add items to your cart. You can also shop for digital coupons to add to your order.

Why Frys Pickup Saves Me Money

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