How Frys Pickup (formally Click List) Saves Me Money

thrift shop sale 1 How Frys Pickup (formally Click List) Saves Me Money
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So I will admit, my wife is the one who started using Frys Pickup after much pushback from me. If you’re not familiar with Frys Pickup, it is a program that Fry’s Food and Drug (Kroger) started at their retail stores. In essence, you go online and place items into your virtual shopping cart that are found in the store.

You pay for the items online and schedule a time to pick up your groceries. When you arrive at the store, you park in the back and someone comes out with all your selected items and puts them in the rear of your vehicle for you. You don’t even need to get out of your car! They bring the receipt to the front window and usually give you manufacturer coupons for your next visit.

What’s the catch? Well, the first three orders are free, all orders thereafter charge a fee of $4.95 per visit. That $4.95 fee was enough for me to tell my wife this was a terrible idea. Luckily, my wife usually knows better than me and she showed me that the benefits of this service far outweighed the $4.95 fee.


Before I had time to think about it, all I cared about was that $4.95 fee. Why am I going to pay $4.95 more than what the overpriced groceries cost in the first place? In reality, the only negative I could think of was that fee.


When I go to the store, I usually have a list. I also do a pretty good job at sticking to that list – unless I’m hungry. We all know what a terrible mistake it is to go shopping when you’re hungry. Well, even with my list – I normally end up with at least one extra item in my cart. An item that more than likely costs more than $4.95… if you see where I’m going with this…

  • Why Frys Pickup Saves Me Money

When you use Frys Pickup, the total for your order is right there on the front screen as you add items to your cart. You can also shop for digital coupons to add to your order. As you add items, that total goes up right in front of your eyes.

This feature is a constant reminder to me of how much I’m spending and can make me second guess purchases that I don’t really need to make. It also protects me from those last minute items I grab while I stand in line for the register. This alone saves me more than $4.95.

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  • The TRUE VALUE Of Frys Pickup

The number one reason the $4.95 is worth it? It’s probably painfully obvious to you if you’re not as cheap as me. The number one reason is the time/stress/frustration you save from not having to push your cart down those crowded aisles looking for the last can of beans on the shelf.

I can get everything I need without having to enter the store and fight with the rest of my neighborhood to find my items. In addition, I have been in my local store many times yet I still can’t find some of the basic items.

I swear they move stuff all around the store on a weekly basis so I have to spend an extra half hour looking for it!

To Conclude….

My wife usually is the one who keeps me grounded. I get stuck looking at the bottom line as it relates to money where she is able to see the bigger picture and see how spending money in certain situations is actually the smart thing to do. At first glance, that $4.95 fee seems like something only a lazy person would do so they don’t actually have to shop for their groceries.

In reality? That $4.95 fee saves me money and time and I highly recommend this service to anyone struggling with time management or issues keeping to their grocery list.
**Kroger did not pay me for this endorsement – I truly value the service and would only recommend something I have actually used or know a great deal about.
To check out Frys Pickup – Start Here —->Frys Pickup

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