6 Money Lockscreen Apps That Work [and 10 that don’t]

Locking your smartphone and computer is one of the most basic security steps you should take. You block theft and the leaking of your personal information by taking the time to set up a passcode or gesture to unlock your phone.  

There is always some new app or entertainment resource that comes out so you can enjoy your bursts of serotonin. Now, every time you unlock your phone, there are features available that can be added to your phone that will earn you extra money. 

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Earning Money With Lockscreen Apps

How Can You Get Free Money?

The first step is to download the lockscreen app of your choice from the app store and give the app permission to run advertisements through your phone. Frequently after you get the app set up, it will ask you to view a video advertisement for extra cash.  

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6 Best Lockscreen Apps To Make Money

This list includes the top six money lockscreen apps that are currently active. 

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One of the most lightweight and fast money lockscreen apps is ScreenLift. Because ScreenLift does not drain your battery as fast as some of the other apps, this program is one of the favorites. 

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ScreenLift Rewards Lockscreen App

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ScreenKarma is one of the easiest screen reward apps available but the payouts are less than some of the other higher-paying lock screen apps. 

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DooCash rewards you when you complete tasks and earn free rewards. The tasks involve watching videos, participating in surveys, and playing games. Each action you complete rewards you with additional coins.  

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