20 Best Receipt Scanner Options for Easy Organization

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If you’re a small business owner or freelancer, then you’re well aware of the organizational nightmare that can befall businesses with many moving parts.

Invoices, revenue, statements, payroll, and expenses are all a part of daily life that can be hard to track if you don’t have the right tools.

Enter the receipt scanner.

A receipt scanner is one necessary tool to have in your business toolbox to ensure that all of your business purchases are easily tallied and organized. Without this organization, the mountain of documents and papers can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to find information when you need it most.

Receipt scanners come in all shapes, sizes, and modalities, so there is sure to be one that works well for your business needs.

Here is a list of the 20 best receipt scanner options, including apps, desktop, and portable options.

But first, what is a receipt scanner, and what does it do?

What is a Receipt Scanner?

Document and receipt scanners come in three main types: apps, desktop, and portable.

Receipt scanning apps rely on the use of a mobile device to upload and compile documents for you. Take a picture of the receipt, and the software typically does the rest.

Generally, desktop models are built to handle a large volume of documents of different sizes and types. They usually have slots designed to accommodate certain document dimensions, such as cash-register receipts, business cards, and standard paper-sized documents. These scanners can also handle multiple pages at a time, some even up to 50. Desktop models are the most cumbersome of the receipt scanning types and are meant to be set up and left in place, such as in an office space.

Lastly, portable receipt scanners are smaller, easily moved, and often powered by a battery. What they gain in mobility they lose in heavy lifting, as they can only accept one document page at a time. Some portable models have on-board storage that can hold the data, which lets you input documents without using a computer.

20 Best Receipt Scanner Options for Easy Organization

Now that you know what a receipt scanner is and why you may want one for your business, we’ll discuss the best options currently out there.

We’ve broken our list down into the three receipt scanning model options, as well as differences between scanners in each category so that you can pick which one is most appropriate for your needs and business. Also, know that many of these companies have both apps and desktop/portable models that can be used as part of their services.

We will focus more on the various apps available than portable or desktop scanners. Anyone can use these apps, and the software capabilities are likely more important to business owners than the actual scanners themselves.

Best Receipt Scanning Apps


Expensify has been rated the best overall receipt scanner app by multiple sites, and so it appears at the top of our list.

A cloud-based app for both iOS and Android, Expensify combines receipt scanning with expense reporting. Take a photo of the receipt, and the app will automatically pull charges out, after which you can assign the charge with an expense report.

There are a host of other features available with the app, depending on the plan you purchase.

Expensify is free for up to 25 receipt scans a month. Individual plans start at $4.99 a month, and corporate plans start at $5 per user per month.

Wave Receipts

Wave Receipts is another frequent list topper, mainly because it’s the best free receipt scanning app. If you’re starting out or just looking to digitize your receipts, Wave is a great option.

The main drawback to Wave Receipts used to be that you needed to purchase Wave Accounting if you wanted to take your receipt scanning and business organization to another level. However, it appears that Wave is now offering receipts, accounting, and invoicing, all for free.


NeatReceipts does the same things as the others already listed, but this app may be perfect for those working with a team. The scans are synced with other devices on the account, making it easy to see what everyone is doing and combine all receipts from various team members.

Neat packages are priced in terms of the volume of receipts or other documents scanned. Prices start at $29 a year for 1,200 documents.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote is a popular note-taking and organization software, but it also has a receipt scanning app. The problem with Evernote Scannable is that it is currently only available for iOS users.

However, the app is cloud-based so that you can access the data from anywhere online.


Shoeboxed is a great receipt scanner app that will really help your business come tax time. You can scan receipts, and the app will also help you track your mileage. As you upload, you can specify which expenses are deductible, and created expense reports can be sent directly to your tax professional.

The price of Shoeboxed starts at $23 a year for 600 documents.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is very good for someone who wants the work done for them. Uploaded receipts are quickly translated into expense reports for managers to peruse. The app also learns as you use it to categorize faster and better with each receipt scanned.

Veryfi Core

These apps seek to protect data and privacy, but Veryfi Core takes it to the next level because the app is HIPAA compliant. Thus, if you are a business dealing with sensitive data, then Veryfi Core is likely the best option for you.

The app can automate data entry of receipts and expenses, as well as tax coding and categorization.

Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts was designed by professionals who frequently travel, and thus this app is targeted toward that demographic. You can categorize expenses by the trip and create customized PDF, CSV, and ZIP reports. There are also 20 different default data types available for you to choose what works best while on the go.

Clear Scanner

Clear Scanner is available for both iOS and Android, and it’s built-in Optical Character Recognition capability means that text from receipts shows up clearly when transcribed and imported. You can save your receipts as either a PDF or a JPEG file and attach them to expense reports as needed. Additionally, this scanner can be synced with Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox to be compatible with several different software types.

Nexonia Expenses

Nexonia Expenses works much the same way as other apps on this list. However, this app and program may be handy for international businesses because there are over 160 currency options, daily checks of exchange rates, and the ability to sync credit cards from 30k banks across the world.


Minute7, the last of the receipt scanner apps on this list, is notable because it is one of the recommended receipt scanners by QuickBooks, which is top-rated software. Although not the only app that is compatible with QuickBooks, it is likely one of the best. Thus, if you are a QuickBooks user, you should give Minute7 consideration.

Of note, Minute7 is not the cheapest option out there. The cost is $8 a user, so this option would be better for larger businesses that can take advantage of the features while also being able to afford the price.

Best Portable Receipt Scanners

Vupoint ST470

For those looking for flexibility, the Vupoint ST470 is likely your best option. This scanner is really a desktop and a portable scanner in one. The scanner’s main body is meant to stay put, but included is a detachable wand, with its own case, that you can use to scan receipts on the go.

A drawback to the Vupoint scanner is that it doesn’t allow you to connect to the cloud but includes an SD card to save your receipts on the go.

Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500

Unlike the Vupoint, the Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 does allow for the ability to connect with cloud-based apps. While also technically a desktop scanner, the Fujitsu is small enough to be portable and also includes a wireless option for on the go scanning.

Receipts can be uploaded in various file formats, and the cloud-based capability means you can sync with accounting software such as Quickbooks.

Epson Workforce DS-30

The Epson Workforce DS-30 is a portable receipt and document scanner that allows you to digitize various documents on the go. The scanner uses auto-detection to determine what sort of document you are scanning and is compatible with Windows or Mac computers through a USB.

Brother DS-94ODW

Frequently listed as an excellent overall portable scanner, the Brother DS-94ODW weighs only 1.5 pounds and easily fits into a bag or backpack. This scanner can also work fast, processing up to 16 pages a minute.

This receipt scanner includes a built-in battery, USB cable for hardwire connection as needed, and is compatible with computers of every operating system.

Brother DS-640

Like its big brother, the Brother DS-640 is rated as an excellent scanner that also gives users easy portability. The scanner weighs just over a pound, can scan up to 16 pages per minute in color or black and white, and allows you to email, scan to file locations or cloud storage. You’ll also be able to scan receipts up to 72 inches, business cards, and ID cards with amazing clarity due to 1200dpi resolution.

Best Desktop Receipt Scanners

Raven Pro Document Scanner

The Raven Pro Document Scanner is the big daddy of receipt scanners. This desktop scanner can scan 60 pages per minute and has anti-jam technology to ensure efficiency when scanning. The large touchscreen lets users choose various scanning settings, where to send scans to, and even organize and name documents. The Raven also allows for a variety of connection, storage, and editing options.

Brother ADS-2200

This desktop scanner is built for speed. You can scan 35 pages or 70 images per minute, either single or double-sided, as well as multiple sheets at a time. Additionally, this scanner can handle documents as long as 196 inches. As with others on this list, the Brother ADS-2200 allows for a variety of scanning and storage options, as well as the ability to connect to computers on any operating system.

Doxie Q

The Doxie Q makes this list for one specific reason: it is the best desktop scanner for Mac or iOS users. Furthermore, this scanner can handle either single or multiple page scans, have built-in Wi-Fi for easy storage and organization, and a rechargeable battery that saves you up to 2.5 hours of use. Although a desktop scanner, the Doxie Q comes with a travel bag so you can choose to take it on the go, as well as the ability to sync all of your devices for convenience.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

Finally, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i has been rated as one of the best overall desk scanners available. Although a desktop scanner, the design is relatively compact to not take up a huge amount of space. The document feeder can handle various documents up to 34 inches long with the option to scan in greyscale, black and white, or color. Scanned images can be converted to editable and searchable PDFs, Word, or Excel files as well.

Final Thoughts

If you run a small business or any business for that matter, then a receipt scanner is a must for the organization. However, which receipt scanner is best for your business will depend on your size and needs.

Receipt scanners come in the form of apps, portable, and desktop models, and there is a wide variation in size, features, speed, and versatility within those options.

We’ve listed 20 of the best receipt scanner options for you to consider. This list covers the spectrum of designs, speed, efficiency, portability, business needs, and price.

Which receipt scanner is right for you?