Tired Of Being Poor? 13 Steps To Change Your Life!

Money isn’t everything, but life sure is easier when you have it. 

Success Is Greater When You’ve Tasted Defeat

Some of my most inspirational contacts were with people who lived in poverty during their childhood and were able to claw their way out. What’s even more motivating is that many of these successful people were similar in how they approached life and work.

13 Steps To Take To Change Your Financial Life

I have taken the information I learned from those success stories, as well as my own, and compiled them into 13 actionable items you can do if you’re struggling to change your financial life.

1. In Order To Be Wealthy, You Need To Be Healthy

This isn’t to diminish the importance of hard work, but you definitely need to take care of your body if you plan on making a difference in this life. Regular doctor visits are necessary along with a good diet and exercise.

2. Before You Invest In The Stock Market – Invest In Yourself

Investing in the stock market is great if you want to witness the miracle of compounding interest, but for an even greater return on your investment, invest in yourself first.

3. Don’t Be In A Hurry To Move Out

Obviously, this may not be entirely in your control but if you are not on stable ground with a career and a plan, it doesn’t hurt to live at home for a year or two more. Give yourself the best chance at success by moving out of your parents home when you can actually afford to live on your own.

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward – Create Networks

The people who are most successful have extensive networks.

5. Burning Bridges Can Come Back To Bite You

Congratulations, you finally landed a better job. However, think twice before you go off on your boss and tell him what a micromanager he was and what a terrible person he is.

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