What Does An Accountant Do? And 8 Of The Best Reasons To Hire One

Accountants perform various duties that help individuals and businesses better understand their cash flow needs, prepare their income tax returns and work towards achieving their financial goals. 

– Ensure financial documents and accounting records are accurate and compliant with the applicable laws and regulations. – Identify and address accounting discrepancies. – Compute sales and income tax returns and make sure taxes are paid on time. – Review financial operations to identify problems and recommend solutions. – Suggest strategies to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve profits.

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Roles and Responsibilities of an Accountant

Key Skills of an Accountant

- Analytical Skills - Attention to Detail  - Communication Skills  - Technical Expertise  - Organizational Skills - Problem Solving Skills  - Business Acumen  - Critical Thinking Skills  

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Types of Accountants

Managerial Accountants 

Record and analyze financial data for organizations. They have an extensive understanding of how the data relates to business operations and prepare reports for upper management and other key parties. 

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Work with tax forms and other important financial forms that must adhere to regulatory requirements. They hold a CPA license and often work at public accounting firms or have their own businesses.  

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Public Accountants 

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Government Accountants

Keep and examine records of government entities. They also audit individuals and businesses who are subject to taxation or other government regulations. 

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Internal Auditors

Review the processes of the businesses they work for objectively. They also evaluate and revise risk management procedures as needed. Also, they protect against theft and fraud. 

External Auditors

Perform similar duties as their internal counterparts. The main difference is that they work for an outside organization instead of the one they audit for.  

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