Investment Opportunities [For Any Budget]

Investing in your future is a step you should take after you have eliminated the majority of your debt. There are many new investment opportunities available to us due to the internet that was not available to our parents.

Diversify Your Money With Different Investment Vehicles

This page gives you access to many of the best investment opportunities that may be foreign to you. The tool at the bottom of this page will compare startup investment opportunities, different real estate investment options, money market accounts, and others.

However, before you take advantage of these other opportunities, you should take advantage of your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Most employer-sponsored plans are tax-advantaged. You can defer taxes now, like a traditional 401k or 457b, or pay taxes now while the investment grows tax-free in the future, in the case of a ROTH IRA.

However, if you have invested in your retirement plan and still have cash flow, many other investment opportunities can help you further diversify your portfolio, thereby minimizing your overall risk.

Choose Your Investment Opportunity With Detailed Information

In the investment world, there are a variety of vehicles that are generally considered safer than my preferred S&P 500 Index Fund, but they don’t always provide the same returns. With more risk comes the potential for higher returns. Less risk usually means smaller profits.

With this being said, your investment portfolio should make money in different ways. When the stock market is down, hopefully, you have other means to raise capital, such as equity crowdfunding or precious metals.

The internet has opened doors for us to start investing in ways we never thought possible. The funds compared below allow investors to do their due diligence and make fully informed decisions based on a broad range of information. The comparison tool below will compare and contrast opportunities based on:

  • Type Of Investment Platform
  • Minimum Investment Needed
  • Fees Charged / Interest Rate
  • Whether You Are Required To Be An Accredited Investor
  • The Target Return Of The Platform
  • Whether The Company Pays Dividend
  • When The Dividends Are Paid
  • How Difficult It Is To Liquidate Your Funds
  • Commission Paid To The Company

Free Investment Comparison Tool

Use the tabs below to scroll through the different investment categories to make the best investment decision for your situation:

  • General Investing
  • Trading
  • Investment Calculator
    • Calculate Risk And Matching Investments
      • Low Risk
      • Moderate Risk
      • High Risk

Wrapping It Up

I currently am saving to purchase real estate to help hedge against inflation and to diversify my portfolio. I am also exploring the idea of a real estate investment trust which will allow me to invest in property I otherwise couldn’t afford.

Depending on your risk factor, after you have invested in your employer plan, there are a number of growing companies and venture capital options that can be a great investment option.

If you have paid off your debt and are funding your retirement, don’t be afraid to invest in other areas outside of the stock market.