…because every success story starts with a plan.

Budget Basics


Creating a budget is the first step to get out of debt. Learn how to get out of debt with this step by step process.

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Why you need an emergency fund and a spare tire

When you start your budget, your first step should be filling your emergency fund. Find out how to protect yourself from going further into debt.

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why I have 6 bank accounts and you should too!

You read that right, I have six bank accounts that I use on a monthly basis. See why I have six bank accounts and why you may even need more!

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Great Budget Resources

Budgeting 101 Ebook

I wrote a comprehensive eBook on how to start your budget from step one. Budgeting doesn’t need to be difficult anymore. Learn how I budget each month! Read More…

Free Budget Printable

Tracking your budget the old school way with a pen and paper is my favorite way to stay on budget. Pick up these free budget printables I created just for you! 

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The Cash Envelope Wallet system review and guide!

Using a cash wallet system can significant increase your chances of staying on budget each month. Check out this detailed review of some of the best cash envelop wallet systems! Read More…

Latest Budget Posts

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