save money with a mobile hotspot

How We save Money with a Mobile Hotspot!

As I write this article, my laptop is connected to my smartphone mobile hotspot. I have come to love the flexibility of a mobile hotspot. My mobile hotspot provides quality wireless internet access to connect my kid’s’ tablet as well as all my mobile devices needed to run this website!

Robo-Advisors – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Robo-advisors might not be as inherently exciting as the 1966 Western Classic starring Clint Eastwood, but they are certainly more modern. 42 years after the debut of this Eastwood blockbuster, the first Robo-Advisor came onto the scene. And 11 years after that, we’re stealing the title of that movie classic to create our own Hollywood …

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Best Apps to Make Money for an Easy Financial Boost

There’s no shortage of apps to make money these days. And given that 96% of Americans now own smartphones, you are primed and ready to start doing just that! But despite all the money-making methods out there, some are decidedly better than others.

buy name brand clothes for cheap

Where I Buy Name Brand Clothes For Cheap

If you didn’t know, I’m all about saving money in every way possible while still living a meaningful life. However, I have learned over the years that just because something is “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to buy it.

the minimum credit score needed to buy a house

The Minimum Credit Score Needed To Buy A House

What’s all this talk about credit scores lately? There’s one group of people telling me I need to maintain a credit score of 700+ in order to save money when I buy a house. Then there’s another group bragging about how they have a “0” credit score, **cough** Dave Ramsey **cough**.

How To Get Your Life Together (Financially)

In adulting 101, we learn that success in life is as simple as following a few memes. As if the only thing standing between you and conquering the world is believing in yourself and the application of a Dale Carnegie quote.

simple ways to pay off your home in 5 years or less

Simple Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years (or less!)

My wife and I began thinking about the possibility of paying off our mortgage early after we heard of other people doing it. I know in my immediate family, no one managed to pay off their mortgage when they were young, but did that mean we couldn’t do it?