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The obvious answer to this questions is “yes.”  Yes, money is affecting your marriage.  It can either be affecting your marriage in a positive or a negative way.  Hopefully, money is a positive aspect in your life, but if you’re like the majority of married couples, it isn’t. Read More…


If you’re anything like me, you could use more date nights with your significant other, but the thought of hiring a babysitter and spending money going out can make you squirm. Find out why you don’t have to spend money for a great date night! Read More…

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I recently decided to fact check some of the information that I have heard for years about reverse mortgages. Those in the media with the loudest voices, (Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman) have repeatedly screamed from the rooftops that reverse mortgages are a terrible idea. Today I will look further into reverse mortgages. Read More...


Many of us in public safety signed up with the promise of a pension when we retire. Due to this, many of us will be extremely poor in retirement and may not live comfortably in our golden years like we envisioned. Read More…

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