monthly expenses

7 Quick Ways to Cut Down On Your Monthly Expenses

On average, American homeowners spend approximately $60,000 a year on household expenses. These expenses include everything from a mortgage to electricity bills. If you feel like more of your money is going out than coming in, finding ways to reduce your monthly expenses is a must.

How to Make Money With An Amazon FBA Business

The online marketplace is a crowded space. There are many options to make money. They include places like Poshmark, eBay, and Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Because of its name recognition and popularity, many people start with an Amazon FBA business. If that describes you, and you’re looking for guidance with starting your Amazon FBA  business, then …

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taxes for first responders

Important Tax Tips For First Responders [2020]

As a first responder, taxes are something I struggled to understand for years. How many dependents should I claim – what write-offs are acceptable, how do I reduce my tax liability, etc. Because of these ongoing questions, I created relationships with experts in the field to help me navigate this complicated avenue.

529 college saving plan

Why First Responders Need A College Saving 529 Plan

One of the many financial mistakes I made when I was younger was failing to start a college saving 529 plan for each one of my children. The tax benefits and the power of compound interest is something I neglected to learn about which will cost me when my kids start college.

make money blogging

How I Actually Started Making Money From Blogging

Blogging is often pitched to people as a get-rich-quick type of business. Just find your niche, set up a WordPress blog, and before you know you’ll be sailing the world, or surfing the web on the beach, or traveling to exotic locations! While this all sounds great, it’s not part of life for the average blogger.

debt and divorce

How To Handle Debts In A Divorce

None of us get married thinking it will end in divorce. Similarly, none of us intentionally go deep into debt while we are swiping our credit cards to buy things day-in and day-out. But, unfortunately, some marriages do end in divorce. And, some people do end up accumulating a mountain of debt in marriage. Financial …

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6 Reasons Why You Should Pay Off Your Debt

If your finances are a bit out of control, there are many things you can do to gain back stability. Paying off debt is an essential part of getting your financial life in order.

Trouble Saving Money? Try This App!

Saving for life’s most important things doesn’t need to be as complicated as it sounds, especially when you have an app at your fingertips that makes the process simple and fun. 

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