4 Ways To Increase Your Income (Without Getting Another Full Time Job)

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While it is true that you can never outearn lousy spending habits, sometimes, it’s really about your income. Simply put, having to count every dollar is not the same as having to count every cent, and by increasing your income, you can give yourself more maneuvering space.

The problem is that the majority of people are already overworked. They either work incredible hours, have their attention spread too thin, or have a schedule that’s too busy. Sure, if you have flexible work hours in at least one of your jobs, you can get another job, perhaps even an extra gig. However, what happens when you run out of time?

Well, in this scenario, you can try to supplement your income in other ways. Here are five such methods you can resort to without getting another job.

1. Create A Scenario For Passive Income

Creative passive income is a concept that you can achieve in so many different ways. Sure, most people immediately dismiss this idea because they believe that buy-in is too expensive. In their minds, the only two forms of passive income available are buying rental properties and purchasing costly equipment.

However, what’s wrong with creating a YouTube channel you intend to monetize? Sure, creating content takes active effort, but once it’s updated and monetized, the uploaded content will generate income in perpetuity. 

The same goes for selling stories on platforms like KDPR. Sure, it takes time to get some real money rolling in; however, once you’re done, you’ll collect royalties for years and years to come. All you have to do is write a story, make a cover (you can pay as little as $1 for a suitable stock image), do some work regarding metadata (title, description, hashtags, etc.), and you’re ready to make money.

You can upload photos taken on your phone and sell them on stock image photos. Today, you don’t need a professional camera to make a living as a photographer. You do, however, have to submit quite a bit. Again, it can be lucrative, but you’ll have to put in the work. 

You can make an e-book or an online course if you have a particular skill. The most significant advantage of this, over just working as a tutor, is that you don’t have to be present to make money. 

2. Consider A Weekend Job

Another thing you need to consider is getting a weekend job. Sure, if you’re overworked and can’t get it done during the week, we recommend taking a break. Still, if you’re dead-set on maximizing profit, a weekend job might be right for you. 

You don’t even have to go that much out of the way to find this job. For instance, you can use your regular platform (where you usually look for work) and find something that fits your needs. You can get a single project to complete or pick a job with a low workload (one task per week). 

What most people have in mind when the subject of a weekend job is brought up is something in the food and beverage industry. Working as an extra bartender in a nightclub or a venue that’s extra busy on weekends are just some of the things you should consider.

One thing that’s so great about these weekend jobs is that they’re usually so different from what you regularly do. In other words, the workplace dynamics will be drastically shifted and so different than what you’re used to. You’ll get a chance to get out of your routine. 

Other than this break of dynamic, it will provide you with a significant influx of cash with a smaller sacrifice of your free time (compared to what you would have to sacrifice to get a side job).

3. Use Investment Apps

While our introduction may have sounded like we’re giving ideas to people with no excess money whatsoever, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you lack the resources to live the lifestyle you believe you deserve. 

If you want to live an affluent life filled with luxury, this is not something you’ll be able to handle in weeks or months. It’s also not something that taking up a weekend job or filling out a few paid surveys will be able to help you with.

Instead, you need to start investing. Today, this is much easier than ever before. First, you have an elaborate list of investment apps reviewed by Technopedia. Here, you can do the initial step of your research and pick the platform that you like best. Yes, “like.” There’s no such thing as objectively best, and each of the apps on the list has its list of fans and haters. Each is an objectively good choice; it comes down to personal preference. 

Another thing you need to consider is the fact that modern analytical tools all come AI-powered. This means that the insights you will have access to, and even the function of robot traders, can set you up nicely. 

Most importantly, you never have too little money to invest. You can start with $10-$20 and move on from there. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll accumulate some serious income. Also, remember that figuring out how these things work takes a while. 

4. Fitness And Wellness Industries

Are there some people who are full-time trainers, caterers, and nutritionists? Sure! However, you don’t have to follow this path. As long as you’re in decent shape and have an affinity for learning, you have what it takes to make it in the fitness industry.

The best trainer is not the strongest person in the gym. A person with knowledge and attitude can help people make results. You see, modern fitness is science-based. It’s about understanding the science behind training, weight loss, muscle building, etc. It’s also about counting calories, managing micronutrients, and figuring out the best way to approach one’s transformation process.

Other than this, you also need to know how to become a leader. You need to know when your clients need a bit of tough love and when they need some encouragement. Remember, this is a service industry, and client satisfaction is more important than objective results. As long as they’re satisfied, they’ll recommend your services. It’s that easy.

The main reason why we don’t count this as an additional job is because you’re probably training already. So, squeezing an extra 40 minutes daily (it’s not like four more hours) shouldn’t be that big of a deal. 

Earning More Money Doesn’t Always Require You To Get A New Job

The best thing about all these ideas is that they’re scalable. An IP can eventually become your primary source of income. The same thing goes for investing. At the same time, a job as a personal trainer or nutritionist and your weekend job can grow into a full-time job. In other words, it’s a short-term position with a full-time potential.