Commercial Photography Trends To Be Aware Of In 2022 

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What Is Trending In Photography In 2022? 

Photography trends evolve every year and adjust to consumer expectations. Therefore, designers should monitor visual industry tendencies to understand their target audience and create successful, eye-catching commercial projects. Keep reading this article to explore current photography trends for 2022. 

5 Recent Photography Trends To Follow 

In 2022, modern photography tends to achieve simplicity and human emotional reflection. As a result, creators focus on capturing genuine people and unordinary color combinations.

1. Dramatic Scenery 

Dramatic scenery includes contrasting colors, close zoom, and lighting effects. As a result, pictures frequently look theatrical and non-realistic. Nonetheless, dramatic scenery is much appreciated in digital projects, allowing creators to make eye-catching visuals. This way, you can grab attention and interest customers to examine brands longer. 

Dramatic photography can be a good solution for companies that seek extraordinary ways of presenting their products. Make models’ poses look mysterious, create a complete story, find unusual angles, and capture high-contrast shots to present your products in a new light. These techniques are also popular in movie poster creation. In addition, dramatic photography calls cinephiles to watch the story until the end. 

2. Authenticity 

Earlier, photographers focused on scenery idealization. With well-considered angles and staged postures, models looked flawless in such images. However, there was a lack of authenticity. People’s lives are inseparable from sincere emotions like boundless happiness or quiet sadness. In 2022, photographers increasingly moved away from idealization. Instead, they strive to capture the true nature of human beings and the world around us. People enjoy authentic photos due to their connection to real life, raw moments, and genuine emotions. 

Brands actively transmit sincerity in their commercial promotions. For example, many websites, brochures, and corporate materials contain real photos of company employees. This is because authenticity is an efficient way to convey a brand’s honesty and personality. 

3. The Intertwining Of Reality And Fantasy 

Mild post-processing has become a technique often resorted to by digital creators. With it, photographers can intensify their compositional ideas. In 2022, creative minds tend to intertwine reality and fantasy, denoting a remarkable trend in the photography industry. Such visuals represent ordinary things from unexpected angles, which looks thrilling. Surreal scenes contain fantasy elements and unimaginable touches. For creators, such photography is a visual technique to create vivid, emotional narratives. 

Pictures, where reality and fantasy are intertwined, can help designers develop engaging marketing campaigns. You can use these visuals in your advertisements to make them memorable. However, your images should convey specific messages and not be oversupplied with unordinary ideas. Your audience may not figure out such complex narratives. 

4. Fading Shades

You can dramatically change how people perceive your visuals by experimenting with color shades. For years, creators preferred intensity, while 2022 completely transformed the concept. As a result, pictures with fading shades look a bit melancholic. However, this brings a distinct charm to a composition. Muted tones can also help you create contrast between primary and secondary objects. 

In 2022, many brands reduced vivid business publications on social media. Soft, dimmed illustrations replaced them. Such pictures can be suitable for companies offering unique products like crafted jewelry or perfumery.

5. Vibrant Accents 

The same scenes can be perceived differently depending on accents. The simplest way of highlighting necessary compositional elements is colorization. For example, your background can be dull, while the main object is brightly shaded, e.g., in green or blue. In 2022, creators often use rich colors as accents. 

Companies can create contrast between two dark and one bright color when designing their brand books and corporate materials. For example, use black and gray as auxiliary shades and blue as a primary contrasting color.  

What Is The Most Trending Color In Photography? 

The Pantone company annually presents The Color of the Year, which significantly influences the photography and design industries. The color of 2022 is Very Peri. As presented by Pantone, this is a shade of blue that conveys carefree confidence and daring curiosity. Try to implement this color into your creative project and see how successful it can get.

Where To Download Licensed HD Visuals

Stock content marketplaces are the most reliable sources for seeking trendy, licensed pictures. On these platforms, professional and amateur photographers sell their artwork that you can utilize for personal and commercial designs. 

Depositphotos is an international stock content marketplace featuring 168+ million royalty-free images. You can download HD photos, vectors, illustrations, icons, clip art, infographics, videos, music tracks, and sound effects on the platform. In addition, the library is regularly replenished, allowing you to enrich your design projects with current visuals. 

Browsing, you can find picture collections on specific subjects like nature, business, and culture. Use the advanced searching system to navigate the variety of content easily and quickly download an appropriate file. It allows sorting files by date, contributor, point of view, orientation, number of people, color, origin, and location.

What Stock Photos Are In Demand? 

Stock photography trends are volatile. They are formed depending on business preferences at a particular time. 

1. Traveling Alone

Traveling is an exciting activity during which you discover the world. Although most people tour with family, colleagues, and friends, exploring natural landscapes alone can be an uplifting experience. By capturing such moments, photographers depict how people can interact with nature while also highlighting the importance of unity with it. Photos like this are in great demand among sports gear companies.

2. Dynamic Cityscapes

Tall gray buildings have become an ordinary sight for city dwellers. But what if you could look at them from another angle? Images depicting modern urban dynamics from unusual angles are among the most popular stock photos. Large technological companies and real estate agencies can use such visuals to give their customers a feeling of scale. 

3. Environmental Protection

The importance of environmental protection has been an exciting topic over the last few years. Humanity mercilessly drained natural resources for a long time. As a result, the greenhouse effect, poor air quality, and animal extinction can undermine a carefree future for the next generations. In 2022, a growing number of companies strive to contribute to environmental sustainability. This trend can evolve into the true philosophy for socially responsible brands

4. Vintage Lifestyle 

As the tendency for simplicity and sincerity is gaining momentum in 2022, consumers prefer watching ordinary people’s lives in promotional materials. Film and matter filters can enhance and make your lifestyle photography look vintage. Such scenery is trending on stock content marketplaces, as it can complement any design project, from corporate websites to business cards. 


Appealing photographs are indispensable marketing tools for digital creators. Using bright visual narratives, you can convey proper messages to consumers and change the perception of your project. Nonetheless, shooting patterns vary yearly, reflecting people’s expectations. Therefore, designers must track commercial photography trends and implement them into their creative projects.