Pay It Forward Locally – Doing Good With Direct Sales Companies

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Direct sellers look for the good in people.

They’re outgoing and willing to engage with strangers. And because these gregarious folks are capable of great empathy and caring, direct sellers are known to be among the first to donate time, money, and energy to charitable organizations.

A successful year of direct sales is more than a solid revenue stream for the seller and the parent company—it’s an opportunity for thousands of direct sellers around the world to promote, donate, and roll up their sleeves to help those in need. Because most direct sales companies have a charitable organizations, participating and donating has never been easier. It’s a natural partnership.

Short And Long Term Solutions

There are over 1,100 direct-selling companies in the United States, ranging from nutritional supplements to car insurance. Each empowers individuals to own and manage their businesses. And just like traditional businesses, direct sales companies encourage and support charitable work as a component of their business models.

Philanthropy is second nature to direct sellers. With the ease with which they approach potential customers to join their business opportunity, they generally want to have a more significant impact beyond registering large sales. They want to establish a legacy through their actions. Direct sales companies recognize this need and leverage their resources to reach communities worldwide.

For example, Plexus Worldwide strongly encourages giving and service by empowering its employees to support a cause with their team members. Every Plexus Worldwide employee is given 16 hours of paid volunteer time each year during their “World of Service” event. Employees can choose which organizations they want to support, and they’ve made a notable impact in food and clothing drives.

Mary Kay Inc. has made substantial contributions to several organizations to educate, serve, and eradicate domestic violence. For example, as shelters reported an uptick in violence during the COVID-19 lockdown, the Mary Kay Foundation awarded grants to support first responders in helping women and children find safety in these life-threatening situations.

Direct sales companies often select causes that reflect the heart of their missions. For example, Norwex, a company dedicated to promoting non-toxic, sustainable household goods and reducing chemicals, supports Washed Ashore, a nonprofit focused on reducing ocean plastic waste. By taking the basis of their business—offering environmentally friendly cleaning products—Norwex is super-charging their efforts by cleaning up beaches and hosting recycling events.

Planting Seeds Of Hope

An excellent example of a charitable organization attached to a direct sales company is the USANA Foundation. Founded in 2012, the USANA Foundation fights to eliminate food insecurity and hunger worldwide. USANA boasts over 500,000 active distributors worldwide, and the USANA Foundation relies on these forward-facing members to share their mission.

The USANA Foundation focuses on three areas: nourishment (emergency food aid and essential nutrition), equipment (providing resources for long-term success), and solutions (pursuing locally driven, sustainable resolutions to hunger). Because their mission is clear and focused—to end malnutrition around the world—USANA’s charitable arm can direct resources to targeted groups.

Studies indicate the ease of giving helps facilitate donations. And because USANA distributors can add a donation to the Foundation as a line item to their monthly Auto Order, many support the Foundation year-round. This charitable organization’s accessibility is something USANA’s distributors are proud to share with potential customers.

In addition to providing meals worldwide, the USANA Foundation donates and sells Garden Towers. This simple, powerful solution provides sustainable, nutritious food for people all over the world. Made from long-lasting, durable material, each tower can hold up to 120 plants, be harvested for many years, and improve countless lives for generations to come.

Simple but effective solutions like these help eliminate food uncertainty and make a difference in families and communities around the world. And because people like to do good, fun and innovative solutions like Garden Towers become driving factors in recruiting others to join the USANA Foundation’s mission. 

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Virtually every direct sales company has unique charitable initiatives. It’s not just good karma to support charities—it’s good business. Direct sales companies support their communities because it’s the right thing to do. And as a result, people appreciate the positive change in their communities.

These philanthropic activities are engaging and fun, making a significant difference for those they help and the distributors themselves. Investigate their charitable arm if you’re considering starting your own business and partnering with a direct sales company. 

Author Ben Raskin is a photographer and writer living in Salt Lake City. He enjoys fishing and spending time with his dogs. Follow his adventures on Instagram @USANAben.