My Favorite [Top 3] Cash Back Apps For 2019

top 3 favorite cash back apps for 2019

Over the years I have used cash back apps that worked really well and others that were much more of a pain than they were worth. Due to this, I’m pretty much a subject matter expert on saving money through mobile apps. Today you’re in luck because I will spell out the ones that are worth your time downloading and using.

Cash Back Apps That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Save time looking through cash back apps by checking out these three below:

#1 – Ebates

Get cash back with ebates
My first and featured favorite mobile app is Ebates. I love Ebates because it is user-friendly and doesn’t add work for me to make my purchases. The hardest part was getting into a habit of opening the app to make the purchases rather than going to or other retailers.
Ebates makes it easy to save money in three steps.

  1. When you need to make a purchase, open up the Ebates app and search for the store you are going to buy from.
  2. Click the link to the store through Ebates and shop as you normally would.
  3. After the purchases are made, you automatically get cash back to your account that you can get refunded to you by Paypal or check.

The cash back depends on the store and their contract with Ebates. Ebates gets paid because stores pay them to refer people. You get cash back as a discount and Ebates gets paid for referring you. It’s a win-win for you and Ebates.

It really is that easy which is why I recommend them. Plus they have awesome deals. If you sign up for Ebates with my link here, you qualify for a $10.00 reward after your first purchase!
Sign up for Ebates here!

#2 – Ibotta

Save money using ibotta!
My second favorite app is ibotta. ibotta is not as easy as Ebates but it offers great cash back options if you’re willing to do a little more work. ibotta is still very easy to use which is why I have listed it here.

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    ibotta is a great compliment to use WITH Ebates because ibotta can be used for in-store purchases. You can save through this app with a few easy steps:

    1. Before you shop, look through the ibotta app and select the store you are going to. Look through the cash back offers and select the ones you intend to purchase.
    2. Go to the store and make your purchase. Be sure to get a receipt!
    3. Scan your receipt through the ibotta app and select which items you are redeeming for cash back.
    4. ibotta will review your receipt and deposit the cash back into your account within 48 hours.

    I use ibotta in conjunction with Ebates. I use Ebates for online shopping and ibotta for my in-person purchases. Right now, if you sign up for ibotta through my link, you can qualify for a $20 dollar welcome bonus!
    Sign up for ibotta here!

    #3 – SwagBucks

    save money and get cash back with swagbucks
    My third recommendation is SwagBucks. SwagBucks requires more work but is a great time killer while earning points for gift cards or cash back at the same time. I use SwagBucks to answer online surveys, watch promotional videos, and look for other great deals. SwagBucks easily racks up points in my free time so I can redeem them for gift cards or get cash back sent to PayPal.

    SwagBucks is a very comprehensive site that may be the perfect resource for those of you who can’t sit still.

    1. Earn points when you shop online
    2. Watch videos for points
    3. Answer surveys for points
    4. Redeem your points for gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers or get cash back from PayPal.

    Also, if you sign up through my link here, you will receive a promotional $10 dollar bonus!
    Sign up for SwagBucks here!

    Don’t Spend More Than You Need To By Using Cash Back Apps

    Those are my top three cash back apps that I currently use. Like I said, I have tried others that make you jump through so many hoops, it’s not worth my time to mess with them. I encourage you to give the above-mentioned apps a try. Make sure you sign up through my links so you get the bonus rewards!

    Do you use other cash back apps that are not a waste of time? Comment below, I would love to learn about them!

    To save money, we need to get in good habits that promote a saving mindset and activities. I encourage you to give the above apps a try, they don’t cost you anything so you have nothing to lose.

    If you currently use any of these apps, let me know your thoughts – would you put them in the top 3? For more ways to save money, check out my other post on The Ultimate Guide To Save Money! Keep working at this finance thing my friends, you work too hard to be this broke!

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