Free Samples By Mail [Updated Sites]

free samples by mail

Believe it or not, companies are eager to earn your business and are willing to send you free samples by mail in hopes of establishing you as a client. However, there are many time-wasting scams out there that will end up costing you money with the lure of a “free sample.”

This guide will provide you with the best places and companies to contact to get free product samples – without any strings attached.

Costco is no longer the only goto for free food samples. You can get all types of free baby formula and product coupons online with minimal effort. If you love to receive free samples as much as I do, keep reading!

Avoid testing new products by putting them on your credit card. Instead, leverage the power of marketing and free product testing to save you serious cash.

Get Companies To Send You Free Samples by Mail

There are several techniques you can use to get a company’s attention if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Free Samples by Mail via Snail Mail

When was the last time you wrote a letter and sent it through the post office? If you’re like me, you probably can’t remember the last time you sent one.

The infrequency of physical letters will help you stand out. Most companies have a customer satisfaction department that will send samples, coupons, or both to loyal customers.

Write a letter to one of your favorite companies and let them know why you enjoy their products. A “thank you letter” can go a long way. In this letter, it is appropriate to ask if they have any new free samples or manufacture coupons you can use.

Pro Tip: be sure to include your return address, so they know where to send your free stuff!

In addition, most samples come right to your home with free shipping.

Try Your Luck With Email

Sending an email to the customer service department is still effective but not always guaranteed as a handwritten letter. Companies receive hundreds of emails daily, so it can be challenging to make yourself heard through all of the noise.

To secure free products or coupons by contacting the company via email, make the tone of your email police and thankful. Remember the old saying, “you get more flies with honey than with vinegar?”

Thank the company for their products and ask if they have any samples or manufacture coupons they can send you. Again, be sure to include your mailing address.

Apply To Promotional Emails

Most companies are willing to jump through hoops to get your email address. By signing up for their promotional emails, companies will often reward you with coupons and exclusive offers not found anywhere else.

With all of the spam email today, this can be a risky option, but remember to unsubscribe from anything that doesn’t bring you value. Daily email alerts can be filled with sweet free stuff, but they can also be filled with junk.

Leverage Social Media

Companies are quickly trying to adapt and reach out to younger generations. In their efforts, they have stepped up their social media presence and now have full teams to manage their social media accounts. You may be surprised to learn that you can send a private message to a social media account and actually get a response!

Social media can be a great way to reach out to a company on a personal level, and social media marketers can show their bosses the value of investing in social media. Many companies will be happy to send you free items and coupons after you contact them through social media.

Companies That Send Free Samples by Mail

Now that you know the preferred tactics to contact a company, it’s time to start reaching out. Luckily, you don’t have to blind contact a bunch of businesses to see if they are willing to send you completely free product samples. We have compiled a list of verified companies who will send you everything from free beauty samples and other sweet free stuff.

The idea behind this company is to let potential customers try out products before they make a purchase. Sample Source makes scoring new free samples extremely easy.

Browse their list of free samples available, and when they have new samples available, you will receive an email to alert you. Creating a free account is easy and will allow you to browse through products you would like to try.

Quality Health

Quality Health focuses on health-related products and samples. Take advantage of their offers, fill out a quick health survey and registration to gain access to their free stuff.

Some of the best free items include cookbooks, wristbands, lotions, and other great products.


Smiley360 is a community of over more than one million members who are sent products to try in exchange for a review.

The site boasts they have hundreds of brands and new freebies to try if you are willing to provide feedback in the form of product reviews.

Parent Tested Parent Approved

Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) focuses on products that are geared specifically for families with children.

PTPA has several options for free stuff. You can get products to review and test, be rewarded for your opinions, and entered into frequent drawings!

Samples Avenue

Samples Avenue allows you to sign up to become an official tester of cosmetic products, lip gloss, skincare items, dog food, new food items, and baby supplies!

By subscribing to their newsletter and signing up, you can access many samples by providing your opinion of the product after your test.


Youtube Video:

PinchMe develops a personal profile for you and your family to offer products specifically tailored to your likes.

Once you have tried the free product, you are requested to fill out a short feedback survey to provide your opinion back to the brands.


BzzAgent is similar to the other product testing sites and has partnered with some of these well-known brands:

  • Loreal
  • Gillette
  • Hershey’s
  • Rimmel
  • Nestle
  • Purina
  • Danone
  • Unilever
  • P&G
  • Samsonite

To get started, BzzAgent will ask you about your interests. After developing a profile, you will be invited to try products tailored just to you. When you’re done, share your experience with the product across your social media accounts.

Friends & Neighbors

This website is a consumer perception program, and they are willing to reward you with products in exchange for your opinion.

Friends and Neighbors involve a host of mediums to help brands and consumers connect to make the best products possible. These studies include:

  • Product Testing
  • Online Shopper Survey
  • Online Discussion Groups and Forums
  • Focus Groups
  • Consumer Panels
  • Sensory Panel

Some of the rewards you may receive are free products and prepaid Visa cards.

Do you currently home school your children – or are you thinking about it? is made up of an entire community focused around providing only the best home school resources. Before any new product is released, runs the product by a series of product testers (you!).

Moms Meet

Moms Meet is a co-op group that works together to review products, win prizes, and earn rewards based on providing opinions. There are two free memberships available for product testers:

Mom Ambassador

  • News & Information on Healthy Living
  • Earn Points & Rewards
  • Access to Community Forums
  • Win Prizes
  • Share Your Opinions
  • Influence Brands & Industries
  • Sample Products with Family & Friends

Blog Ambassador

  • News & Information on Healthy Living
  • Earn Points & Rewards
  • Access to Community Forums
  • Win Prizes
  • Share your Opinions
  • Influence Brands & Industries
  • Sample Products with Family & Friends
  • Review Products on Your Blog
  • Gain Exposure & Readership

Ready For Your Free Stuff?

If you’re in the market for getting free stuff just because, or you like to offer your opinion to make things better, this comprehensive list is the perfect place to get you started. Do you enjoy a specific product or brand? Be sure to reach out to them individually for coupons and free samples.

Are you more of the spontaneous type? Sign up for one of the product tester websites above and make the most out of getting free samples by mail!