Ways To Earn Bitcoins


More people are becoming interested in buying bitcoins as their price increases with the aim of getting additional income.

There are numerous ways to buy bitcoins online, the most popular being peer-to-peer. However, with the advancement of bitcoin since its birth, most people ask if there are ways you can actually earn bitcoins online for FREE. Yes, that’s possible!

However, one should not be fooled by bitcoin as a new currency and start thinking that one can earn a few bucks quickly and get rich just like that. Remember, there are no free meals.

You will need to put in the effort and the time and accept the risk that comes with any method outlined here, just like earning fiat currency from any method you know of. 

Before we discuss the time-consuming ways to earn bitcoin for FREE, let us talk about how you can earn bitcoin fast.

Where To Get Bitcoins

How To Get Bitcoin Fast

Nowadays, buying Bitcoins online or offline is quick and straightforward. You merely need to select the best purchase strategy for you.

Payment Services

Users may now purchase, trade, and hold cryptocurrencies thanks to new functionality added to the web platforms of payment firms like CashApp, Venmo, and Paypal. For instance, CashApp has a whole tab that is only for Bitcoin.

Additionally, the website provides Bitcoin Boost, which lets users earn Bitcoin when using their CashApp card to make transactions. Like cashback, but with cryptocurrency. Therefore, there are several ways to purchase Bitcoin on these platforms.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Markets for trading cryptocurrencies for fiat money (i.e., government-issued money like the dollar) or other digital currencies are known as cryptocurrency exchanges. Most exchanges allow bank transfers, credit card, or PayPal payments. Additionally, they will charge a transaction fee for each deal you make.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges online that you can use to buy bitcoins, the most popular being Coinbase and Binance. 

Investment Brokerage Firms

A platform where investors may buy and sell equities and cryptocurrencies is an investment brokerage business. Companies like Robinhood are very well-liked because they enable ordinary investors to trade and invest without paying any commissions. Of course, you’ll need a bank account and the funds for your purchases to get started.

Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin is one of the quickest, simplest, and riskiest methods to earn money with it. Your goal is to purchase Bitcoin at a discount and sell it at a premium.

But trading Bitcoin profitably is not a question of chance or speculation. Successful traders invest a lot of time in studying how to trade and how to manage the numerous dangers associated with it. Successful traders are aware that they can lose money in the short term, but because they are looking to the long run, they view it as an investment in their education.

Before investing your money into bitcoin trading, you must invest your time and money in a good education.

How To Earn Bitcoin For FREE?

Instead of buying bitcoin, you can invest your time in some of the listed ways below to earn some bitcoin online. 

Bitcoin Lending

Lending out bitcoin is an additional option to earn money with it. For example, a user may get a loan backed by cryptocurrency assets thanks to bitcoin loans. Bitbond, BlockFi, and Nexo are three systems for lending bitcoin.

Since cryptocurrency loans sometimes have high-interest rates, they’re an excellent method to use bitcoin to make money online.

Bitcoin Faucets

One of the simplest methods to earn bitcoin online is through faucets. You get rewarded in little quantities of the digital currency using bitcoin faucets. On faucets, you frequently earn bitcoin by doing chores, watching adverts, or solving captchas.

Bitcoin faucets can generate revenue through pay-per-click marketing, which they use to fund their tiny payouts. PTC websites include faucets as a subcategory. In addition, PTC websites often need you to click on an advertisement or a website button to earn money from ad sales. 

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Another well-liked method of making bitcoin online is cloud mining. To mine bitcoins, you may hire mining equipment from cloud mining service providers for a modest charge instead of doing it yourself. It enables you to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without having to deal with several technical nuances or shell out money for pricey mining equipment.

You must invest in a mining contract to earn bitcoin through cloud mining. Once you do, the contract will mine bitcoin on your behalf and deliver the coins daily or weekly until it expires.

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

One of the most underrated methods to profit from Bitcoin is advertising different affiliate programs. Several bitcoin exchanges, goods, and services provide an affiliate program you may join. You then receive your unique affiliate link to advertise that item or service.

Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Link:

  • Share on social media
  • Run a campaign on different websites
  • You can also promote the link within your website contents

Bitcoin Games

Are you a gamer? If yes, now imagine yourself earning bitcoin while playing your favorite game! Fascinating, right? You get paid in bitcoin by reaching certain levels in a game. Most bitcoin games are available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and are designed for mobile devices.

Write about Bitcoin

Do you have a knack for words? Now you can earn using your skills with the medium effort put into learning how the crypto world operates.

Cryptocurrency is still developing, with a lot of information needed by various investors to learn how this field operates. On the other hand, many websites are being created to get information regarding cryptocurrency to the public. Therefore, you can start by giving your services to these websites if you consider yourself knowledgeable about the niche. 

There are different risk levels for each method listed above on ways you can earn bitcoin. Evaluate the risk level of each before starting. Some need a lot of time since a fraction of bitcoin is given for completing a task.