Where To Get Keys Made Fast! [2021]

where to get keys made fast

In the year 2021, I’m still amazed we have physical keys for our home and vehicles. Regardless, most of us have that famous lockout story where we found ourselves locked out of our vehicle or home. While it’s a funny story now, it wasn’t so funny during the time.

You probably found out how expensive breaking a window or calling a local locksmith service can be. 

Since you’re not willing to make the same mistake twice, getting that extra key made is your top priority. To avoid additional expenses if you lose or break a key, take the time to get home and car keys copied for only a couple of dollars. As you know, it’s worth it in the event you find yourself locked out again.

Where You Can Get Original Keys Made Quickly For Cheap

Before you start randomly driving around, hoping to find someone who will copy keys, use this key copy guide to point you to the perfect key copy service in your surrounding area.

The Best Option? Automated Kiosks Copy Keys Quickly

First and foremost, the quickest and easiest way to copy your home or old car key is at an automated kiosk. These key copying machines, usually found in box stores,  are the best and cheapest solution to make a copy of your door key. Even though a locksmith or other key service may be able to copy your key manually, these kiosks turn key blanks into exact copies of your keys for much less.


Introducing KeyMe: The Revolutionary Key Copying Solution

KeyMe is an automated key copier that can copy keys for your mailbox, padlock, and other specialty keys. In addition to the traditional keys, they can also make vehicle keys to save you up to the dealer!

KeyMe Pricing

  •  Brass key’s, usually reserved for home keys, start at $2.99 
  • Older vehicle keys start at $19.99
  • Vehicle keys with FOBs range from $69.99 to $89.99

The Pros Of KeyMe

  • KeyMe provides quick price estimates, so you know exactly how much you will pay.
  • Much cheaper than a locksmith service.
  • Every key we have used from KeyMe has fit and worked in our locks. Due to their use of 3D technology, KeyMe cuts key blanks with amazing precision.
  • More than 3,000 kiosks nationwide – which means you can be sure there is a KeyMe in your surrounding area.
  • Basic keys are copied within five minutes.

The Cons Of KeyMe

  • Because KeyMe is so convenient, it can also open up doors for fraudulent activity. People can easily copy keys that are stolen or misplaced.
  • If you need a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) key, these keys can not be made on location and are mailed to you within five business days.

To find a local KeyMe kiosk near you, click here for the official kiosk finder.

Minute Key

Copying a key with the minuteKey kiosk at Walmart

In Arizona, Minute Key machines are everywhere. One downside is the machine will only copy home and office keys. It will not copy vehicle keys as KeyMe will.

Minute Key Pricing

  • Key copies start at $1.49 depending on the type and size of the key
  • Minute Key will not duplicate keys that state, “do not duplicate” or “do not copy”

The Pros Of Minute Key

  • Minute Key quickly copies basic keys quickly.
  • Cheap key duplication process.
  • Located in convenient locations, typically at Home Depot and Walmart.
  • Basic keys are copied within five minutes.

The Cons Of Minute Key

  • Minute Key will not copy vehicle keys

To find a local Minute Key kiosk near you, click here for their official kiosk finder.

Grocery Stores That Will Copy Keys

grocery stores that copy keys

It may seem odd that a grocery store would copy a key for you, but several of them have automated kiosks or can copy a key at their customer service.

The below-listed grocery stores have key copying services – but always call first to ensure they still have this capability!


Kroger has a variety of lesser-known customer service options. Many Kroger stores offer key copying services, but make sure you call ahead of time to ensure your store still offers this.

I just checked with my local Fry’s, and they now offer the KeyMe machine!

  • The cost – standard keys start at $1.99

To find your closest Kroger store, click here for their store locator and confirm they have a working Key machine available for use.

Fred Meyer

Most Fred Meyer stores offer key cutting services. They can copy brass or standard keys, custom design keys, and Ultra-Lite keys.

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Fred Meyer uses the Minute Key kiosk.

  • The cost – brass keys start at $1.49

To find your closest Fred Meyer store, click here for their store locator.


YES! Walmart does copy keys. A select few stores will still copy keys by hand in their hardware department, but they are starting to transition to either Minute Key or KeyMe kiosks. The kiosks are usually located near the front of the store next to the Redbox and vending machines.

  • The cost – $1.49 on up.

To find your local Walmart, click here for their store locator.


Most Safeway stores now have automated kiosks that will copy keys for you. Call ahead before you plan your trip to ensure their machine is working.

  • The cost – $1.49 on up.

To find your local Safeway, click here for their store locator.


Winco foods now offer the ability to copy your home keys. Winco has moved in MinuteKey to offer this service but remember, they can not copy vehicle keys!

  • The cost – $1.49 on up.

To find your closest Winco, click here for their store locator.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid recently started displaying KeyMe kiosks in their stores to copy keys. I’m a big fan of KeyMe kiosks because they can also copy vehicle keys with fobs! Look towards the entrance for the kiosk on your next trip.

Pricing – house key’s start at $2.99, older vehicle keys start at $19.99, and vehicle keys with FOBs range between $69.99 to $89.99

To find your closest Rite Aid, click here for their store locator.

Giant Eagle

The Giant Eagle company uses the KeyMe kiosk to save customers money. This allows customers to copy brass or standard keys, vehicle keys, and custom design keys. 

  • Pricing – Key copies start at $2.99 and can be a great way to save money without having to hire an auto locksmith to make a copy of your vehicle key.

To find your closest Giant Eagle, click here for their store locator.


The H-E-B chain routinely staffs the Minute Key kiosk to offer key copying services to their customers. Minute Key kiosks only copy basic keys and do not copy vehicle keys.

  • Pricing – $1.49 and up

To find your closest H-E-B, click here for their store locator.


Meijer does not offer customer service related to key copying, but most stores host the Minute Key Key Maker.

  • Pricing – $1.49 and up

To find your closest Meijer, click here for their store locator.

Hardware Stores That Copy Keys Near Me

copy keys at a hardware store

With the expanding automated kiosk movement, many stores that previously offered key cutting services are now delegating this service to the electronic kiosk. There are still a few stores that offer key cutting services by a human, one of which is The Home Depot.

Home Depot

Certain Home Depot stores are the last few businesses that will cut your keys by hand. On the plus side, they will also copy vehicle keys that include an RFID computer chip!

  • The cost – $2.19 for standard house keys and $69.99 on up for vehicle keys with computer chips.

To find your closest Home Depot, click here for their store locator.


Lowes is in direct competition with Home Depot, but unfortunately, Lowes has given in to the electronic kiosks for their key making services. As a reminder, the kiosks in Lowes do not usually copy vehicle keys.

  • The cost – $1.49 on up.

To find your closest Lowes, click here for their store locator.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware will still make keys by hand for you, and they will also copy your vehicle keys if they have them in stock. Ace always has great service, but it can be a little more expensive than the big retailers.

To find your closest Lowes, click here for their store locator.

  • The cost -$2.69 on up for house keys and $79.99 – $99.99 for vehicle keys.

True Value

True Value is a small hardware store similar to Ace Hardware. True Value also still copies keys by hand. Unfortunately, only a select few True Value stores will copy vehicle keys with a computer chip. Call your local True Value first to see if they can cut vehicle keys.

  • The cost – $1.99 for house keys and $2.99 for vehicle keys without a computer chip.

To find your closest True Value, click here for their store locator.


Menards is a local hardware store in the midwest that can copy keys with an electronic kiosk. Their current kiosks do not copy vehicle keys so pay attention to this before making the trip.

  • The cost – $1.49 on up.

To find your closest Menards, click here for their store locator.

Bed Bath And Beyond

Who would have guessed that Bed Bath And Beyond would copy keys? Recently they partnered with KeyMe, which is great because these kiosks can also copy vehicle keys!

  • The cost – Brass key’s start at $2.99, older vehicle keys start at $19.99, and vehicle keys with FOBs range between $69.99 to $89.99

To find your closest Bed Bath And Beyond, click here for their store locator.

Automotive Stores That Copy Keys Near Me

automotive stores key copy

If you’re looking for customer service, many auto parts stores still make keys by hand without the help of an automated kiosk. 

Pep Boys

Some Pep Boys locations still offer personal key cutting services, to include vehicle keys.

To find your closest Pep Boys, click here for their store locator.

Advance Auto Parts

Similar to Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts still have customer service personnel who will make duplicates of your keys depending on the type of key you need.

To find your closest Advance Auto Parts, click here for their store locator.

Auto Zone

Auto Zone specializes in copying vehicle keys with their customer service representatives. Keep in mind, service offered may vary by location. 

To find your closest Auto Zone, click here for their store locator.

NAPA Auto Parts

Several NAPA Auto Part’s locations still use store clerks to help you with your key duplication needs.

To find your closest NAPA Auto Parts in your surrounding area, click here for their store locator.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts uses an in-house staff to cut key blanks with key copying machinery. Again, not all locations offer this service. Be sure to call ahead before making the trip.

To find an O’Reilly Auto Parts in your surrounding area, click here for their store locator.

Stores That Do Not Copy Keys

Many of these stores still show up on outdated websites that claim they can copy keys. I recently called these stores and found out they do not offer any services to copy a key.

BJs Wholesale Club

Again, several websites claim BJs Wholesale Club will duplicate a key for you, but I called them today, and they no longer offer this service. Do not go to BJs Wholesale if you need a key copied.


I came across a website that said Costco has automated kiosks inside them that will copy a key for you. This is bad information as I verified today that they do not have these kiosks in their stores at the time of this article.

Other Stores That Do Not Offer Key Copying Services:

  • CVS
  • Harbor Freight
  • Magic Mart
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Sam’s Club

Where To Get Vehicle Keys With Computer Chips Or Key Fobs Copied

copy vehicle key fob

The first place you may go should be the last place you would ever want to get your key copied. Vehicle dealerships will copy your vehicle key, but they will charge you an arm and a leg for this service.

Vehicle Dealership

To get a copy of your vehicle key, expect to pay around $200 or more for that vehicle key. Unless it is a super special vehicle key, there are much better options.

As stated before, some several retailers and Kiosks may be able to copy your vehicle key for much less than the dealer:

The True Cost Of Having To Call A Locksmith Or A Dealer

If you lose your home key or lock it inside, you can either break a window or call a locksmith. A locksmith will typically charge you a trip fee of $35.00 – $50.00, not including the cost to pick your lock or rekey your lock(s).

To rekey a lock, expect to pay anywhere from $50.00 -$300.00 depending on the number of locks you need to be rekeyed.

As far as the dealer goes, you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 – $600 to replace the missing key fob.

The Benefit Of Using A Lock Smith

Locksmiths, while more expensive, offer a larger range of services than the other previously mentioned key services. For example, contracted locksmiths are certified professionals who can help you with doorknob installation, rekeying locks on your entire house or a single door.

Locksmiths can also gain entry into your vehicle if you do not have a spare vehicle key.

Finally, if you own real estate, landlord responsibilities require proper property management, including spare keys to each unit.  

Some of the more popular locksmith companies are:

  • Smith Locksmith Service
  • Parker Security
  • Call Orange
  • Top Locksmith

Save Yourself A Bunch Of Money By Getting Your Keys Copied At One Of These Places Near You!

For less than $5.00, you can get several copies of your home keys. For less than $100.00, you can also get a spare key to your car if you leave it locked inside or lose it.

These are small prices to pay in the event you don’t have a vehicle or home insurance that will send someone out to unlock your house or car.

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