How Much Does A Chiropractor Cost? [ANSWERED]

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who treats different body conditions such as back and neck pains and other conditions that affect the musculoskeletal and nervous systems of the body.

The average cost of chiropractor services is about $65 per appointment. However, chiropractors charge different amounts per appointment, and the cost depends on many factors such as the state, treatment type, therapy choice, and the chiropractor’s reputation, among other factors.

As I have mentioned, the cost of a chiropractor’s service depends on many factors. For example, some treatments are more expensive than others, and some may need repeated visits over a certain period of time, which also increases the costs. 

This Is What You’re Paying For When You Seek A Chiropractor Care

how much does a chiropractor cost

When you visit a chiropractor, you will pay for the treatment depending on your treatment, your condition, and whether you will be done on the first visit or need more visits. The costs will also depend on whether you have insurance coverage or not. On average, you will pay for service between $30 to $200 per appointment.

The other costs depend on the type of treatment you receive. These services that would affect the price include MRI scanning, thermography, diathermy, hydrotherapy, computerized adjustment, laser treatment, electromyography, and muscular electrical stimulation, among other services.

Do Chiropractors Take Insurance?

It is important to note that most insurance plans cover chiropractic care. This includes major plans such as Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Medicare, and other medical plans. To determine which chiropractic treatment may be covered under your health insurance, it is best to speak with your insurance provider to find out what is covered and what is not.

Of course, chiropractors take state insurance but getting insurance coverage; depends on whether the chiropractor will accept that insurance, where you live, and your coverage.

It is also important to note that most insurance medical plans will cover chiropractic care, but it will require a co-payment in most cases. That means it may not cover the entire medical process or service. Many chiropractic offices offer payment plans as well. 

Can You See A Chiropractor Without Insurance?

Yes, you can see a chiropractor even without insurance. However, that means you will pay everything out of pocket since no insurance coverage exists to help.

As I mentioned, you will pay a consultation or a service fee of between $30 and $200, depending on the location and the service you seek. Therefore, you will be responsible for all the chiropractic costs involved without insurance.

Factors Influencing Chiropractor Prices

The costs of a chiropractor care service are not fixed. It can vary from one chiropractor to another, from one location or state to another, and depending on the services that you are seeking.

In addition to that, it will depend on whether you have insurance coverage or not. Therefore, some of the factors that would affect the cost of chiropractic care services include the following:

Services Requested

There are different chiropractor services, and each form of treatment comes with its pricing. The type of treatment you want will dictate the service that a chiropractor will apply, and that comes with a cost that may differ from that of other services.

Your condition will also determine the service that a chiropractor will choose based on your initial consultation. Some of these services will include MRI scanning, electromyography, laser treatment, computerized adjustment, and electrical muscle stimulation, among other services.

Each of these services comes with its own cost, and the price for each service can be different.

Chiropractor Experience And Credentials

This is, in other words, the reputation of the chiropractor. If the chiropractor is highly rated and reviewed, they are highly trusted for their services. The more trust the people have, the more the costs that they may charge per service.

An experienced chiropractor who has practiced for many years may also charge higher prices than chiropractors with little experience. Therefore, the costs can vary depending on the chiropractor’s experience and reputation.


how much does a chiropractor cost

The costs of chiropractic services can vary based on location. In New York, for instance, the cost of one session treatment plan ranges between $100 to $200, while in Florida and most other states, it costs between $30 and $200. 

Though the costs can vary based on location, it is important also to note that different chiropractors in the exact area can charge different fees for other treatment plans.

Your Lifestyle

Depending on your condition, some services may need more than one chiropractic visit or appointment.

For example, suppose you maintain a healthy lifestyle as recommended by the chiropractor. In that case, you may need only a few sessions more than if you fail to comply with the recommendations about your lifestyle. This includes conducting some exercises to keep an active lifestyle that helps combat some health conditions such as neck pain.


The amount you will pay a chiropractor clinic will depend on whether you are covered by insurance. Without chiropractic coverage, you should expect to pay all the treatment costs, and with insurance coverage, you may only pay a small amount as a co-payment with the insurance company. For example, the insurance plan may cover all the services or 50% of the cost.

Chiropractor Services And Average Costs Without Insurance

There are so many chiropractic services, and each comes with its cost. The costs, however, may vary depending on the factors that I have mentioned above. Therefore, I will only highlight the chiropractic services you will find in most chiropractic clinics and the average costs you should expect to pay.

Electrical Muscular Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation is a service that uses electric currents to create steady electric impulses for stimulating nerves in muscles to prevent muscle atrophy, reduce muscle spasms, and restore the function and strength of the muscles.

The cost of electrical muscle stimulation depends on the chiropractor. It can be as low as $20 per application and go as high as $250 per treatment or application.

Laser Treatment

Chiropractors use laser technology to treat certain conditions, such as chronic pain on the neck or any side of the body. Laser therapy works by producing pulses of light near an infrared frequency and applying it to the area of the body where it is absorbed into the cells. This boosts the cells’ energy, reducing inflammation and enhancing healing.

It is important to note that laser treatment can be expensive. Therefore, if you do not have a health insurance plan, you can pay at least $200 for laser treatment.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy is a treatment plan that treats various medical conditions, including the spinal cord, bones, nerves, joints, and any condition that affects the brain. It uses a variety of approaches to help your body function properly and to help prevent the recurrence of the same conditions.

The cost of rehabilitation therapy is dependent on the service provider or chiropractor. Rehabilitation and physical therapy cost the same amount, about $75-150 dollars, if you do not have insurance coverage.

Chiropractic Roller 

A chiropractic roller table helps restore the standard spinal curves, improving the spinal range of motion, enhancing the circulation of fluids in the spine, and reducing stress, among other functions or benefits. Chiropractors use it in corrective care, and the roller also helps in the relaxation process.

As I mentioned, the chiropractic roller is a piece of equipment that chiropractors use in corrective care. The costs for this service are different from one practitioner to another, and basically, you have to pay for the service, which ranges from $30 to $200, and enjoy this service when needed.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a technique used to stretch the spine gently due to degenerative disease, disc injury, or herniated disc condition. Spinal decompression will help patients with this condition as it enhances the circulation of fluids in the spine, making the dislocated spines come to their original position.

Spinal decompression is expensive as it involves several sessions that one must attend. The sessions are spread over a six-month period, and the total service costs about $1500 and $2000. If you have an insurance policy, the cover may pay part of the expenses, and you will then pay the remaining amount.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a technique that chiropractors use to help reduce movement dysfunction that results from muscle pain. Chiropractors use this technique by using sound waves that create a deep heat therapy with powerful energy, stimulating a powerful metabolic activity around the pain areas.

This beneficial process works for tendons, muscles, and soft tissues with injuries.

Ultrasound therapy costs about $20 to $25 per visit. So therefore, the total cost depends on the number of visits or sessions you have.


As the name says, the technique uses hot and cold water in a pool or water bath, and the aim of it is to relieve pain. It is not an expensive process but depends on the service provider. You will pay about $50 to $500 for the entire treatment.

Computerized Adjustment

Computerized adjustment, as the name puts uses computer analysis to detect fluctuations in the spine and correct them through gentle adjustments. One of the benefits of computerized adjustment is that it helps to minimize neck-related headaches and migraines.

This adjustment also works to correct or improve posture and reduce joint pains, neck pains, and range of motions, among other benefits. A chiropractic adjustment service costs around $30 to $300 per visit.


Diathermy is a treatment that utilizes heat and high-frequency electromagnetic waves of currents used to treat different muscular and skeletal issues. This process is helpful for muscle relaxation and relieving joint pains and other problems.

Different chiropractors charge differently for this service. Some charge an extra cost for this, while others charge an all-inclusive amount. That means you can either pay an additional fee for diathermy or get the service after paying the all-inclusive cost. The cost of diathermy, however, can range from $10 to $50, depending on the practitioner.

Adjustment Tables

Chiropractors use adjustment tables to examine the entire spine. A patient, therefore, lies on the adjustment table where different techniques are applied depending on the patient’s condition. In addition, some tables are computerized while others are manual; therefore, the cost depends on the service provider.


Radiography is a technique used by chiropractors to assess the spinal condition and alignment before administering treatment fully. This produces an image of the musculoskeletal system to aid the service provider make decisions on the appropriate treatment plan.

The cost of this service varies from one chiropractor to another, but it costs about $50 to $150 on average.


Thermography is a procedure used to detect some thermal abnormalities in the spine or the musculoskeletal system. It also works to identify nerve damage and dysfunction. It is one of the ways that chiropractors use to check on the temperature difference in the body and to bring about balance through other treatment methods.

It is a painless and safe technique and costs about $200 to $500 depending on the location or the service provider, among other factors.

Electromyography (EMG)

According to different statistics, electromyography (EMG) costs about $200 per visit. It is a procedure or technique that chiropractors or other healthcare professionals use to detect the electrical activity that the muscles release when under tension. This helps to detect neuromuscular abnormalities, which are used to correct them through appropriate treatment methods.

MRI Scanning

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a procedure that chiropractors or doctors may order to improve the chiropractic care you receive. Chiropractors use MRI scans to better visualize and understand the injury that may exist in the body tissues. It is also valuable for monitoring degenerative illnesses or chronic conditions.

In addition, an MRI can be beneficial in identifying fractures, spinal stenosis, dislocations, spinal tumors, and disc degeneration, among other issues. Depending on the provider, MRI scans can cost $100 to $400.

How Much Is A Chiropractic Massage Without Insurance?

A Chiropractic massage costs between $30 and $70 per session, which depends on the chiropractor since they charge differently. A Chiropractic massage is sometimes recommended to promote nervous system health and the spine’s health, among many other benefits. It also helps in relieving misaligned joints in the spine or vertebral subluxations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Chiropractic care services attract many questions and concerns from different health professionals and patients seeking healthcare services. These questions revolve around the services, the costs, and the effectiveness of the services, among other concerns. Some of the most frequently asked questions in this field include the following:

Do Chiropractors Take Medicare?

Yes, chiropractors can take Medicare, but the service is limited to cover the manual manipulation of the spine to correct vertebral subluxations. This is the Medicare Part B plan advantage that chiropractors can take. However, Medicare does not cover other tests and services offered by chiropractors, such as massage therapy, X-ray, and acupuncture.

How Often Should You Go To A Chiropractor?

The number of times you should visit a chiropractor depends entirely on your condition and how you adhere to a treatment lifestyle as recommended. For example, you may only need a few sessions for minor pains, and for major ones, you may need to come on a regular basis.

That, therefore, could be once or twice a month or bi-weekly. In most cases, the sessions may be frequent initially and become less frequent as you continue with the treatment plan.

What Is A Full Body Adjustment?

Full body adjustment is a process that involves limb and spine adjustment and works to help the entire body resolve all the issues to do with pain and mobility. The method uses manipulation techniques and controlled pressure that touches various body joints and helps to reduce pain, correct body posture, and achieve other benefits that come with it.

Final Thoughts

Chiropractors from across the world and in different states charge differently. In addition, the costs depend on the type of treatment you seek, the experience, and the chiropractor’s reputation, among other factors, as discussed above. Therefore, if you have a condition needing chiropractic treatment, feel free to consult the different service providers available in your location.