The Best Money Games To Help Kids Learn

the best money games to help kids learn

As a father of three young children, I know many of the common struggles parents face when trying to teach kids about money. Luckily there are a ton of great resources and fun money games for kids to learn the basic concepts of personal finance.
All three of my kids are completely unique and have extremely different personalities. However, even with these differences, there is one thing they all have in common. They love to learn through games!

It doesn’t matter how tired and sick of learning they are – when I break out an educational board game, they love the time spent with family during game time.

The Best Money Games For Kids – By Age And Category

In order to give you the best resources in an organized fashion, I have arranged these money games for kids by categories and ages. Pay attention to the headers in this article or the table of contents to find exactly what you need!

Before I get into the categories, I want to show you what we bought for our kids when they were around three years old. We started teaching our kids about money early on to identify coins and dollars with a toy cash register.

Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register (ages 3+)

This cash register on is a great way to get kids (ages 3+) engaged with the idea of money. When my kids were younger, we would hold up a coin and have them tell us what it was as we taught them through identification. This item can be found on here.

The Best Card And Board Games To Teach Kids About Money

Card and board games are personally my favorite way to teach kids about money (which is why I made it first on the list!). The interactive nature of these games not only build confidence in children but they also teach cooperation and interaction with others.

Lemonade Shake-Up! (ages 4+)

This classic board game teaches young kids strategy and decision-making skills. The basic concept of the game is to work together to fill the money jar with 12 quarters before serving the sour lemon tokens.

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    Kids use dice and number recognition to match the numbers to the cards in order to fill up their money jar. This game is a great way to introduce saving and working for money. You can find it on here.

    The Allowance Game (ages 5 – 11)

    The allowance game is a fast-paced game designed to teach kids how to handle money and make change out of larger bills. It helps with currency identification and teaches children how to add and subtract different denominations.

    The allowance game is one step up from “Lemonade Shake-Up” because it is designed for ages 5-11 years old.

    To learn more or order this game, you can find it on here.

    Monopoly Junior (ages 5+)

    Monopoly is the game that everyone loves, yet hates at the same time. Luckily, Monopoly Junior is a great kids version that doesn’t take 10 hours to play! My brother and I played Monopoly Junior as a kid and enjoyed it because it was a relatively quick game and it was entertaining at the same time.

    Rather than saving up for Boardwalk or Park Place, Monopoly Junior includes properties such as a pet and candy store. This classic game will teach kids how to save up and exchange currency at the same time.

    Monopoly Junior is sold on here.

    Money Match Me Cards (ages 6 – 8)

    If you and your children enjoy card games, the Money Match Me Card Game will help your kiddo improve their memory, vocabulary, and recognition skills with money. This card game is focused on identifying coins and adding them up.

    For a simple yet engaging card game for kids ages 6-8, the Money Match Me game is perfect! It can be found on here.

    Buy It Right (ages 6+)

    The Buy It Right board game by Learning Resources is a popular game with high ratings on This game is geared for children ages 6+ to teach them the value of money through buying and selling items with simulated currency.

    Kids can either use a calculator or use paper to add and subtract the money in order to reinforce the importance of coin and bill recognition. With the ability to play with 2-4 players, this is the perfect board game to start your kids off learning about money!
    Find it here on

    Money Bags (ages 7+)

    One of the highest-rated board games on the market for kids, ages 7 and up is the Money Bags game by Learning Resources.

    One of the reasons it is so highly rated is due to the fun engaging content mixed with high quality learning objectives. In order to win, players much collect, count, and properly exchange money in order to cross the finish line!

    The paper play money and plastic coins are realistic and will help with recognizing and counting simulated currency. Math skills will be enforced as they are used to exchange the right amount of money with other players.

    To learn more, check out Money Bags on!

    Pay Day (ages 8+)

    My family and I used to play Pay Day when I was younger and it was one of our favorites. Even though it was created in 1975, it is still relevant today and remains one of the top choices when it comes to board games.

    This game teaches you how to make deals on property and earn money. Players are paid a salary and must pay off all of their outstanding debt during specific times in gameplay. It teaches money habits such as saving, taking out loans, and paying off debt.

    I highly recommend this game if you have kids in your house who are 8 years old or older. Buy it on here.

    Classic Monopoly Or Fortnite Monopoly (ages 8+)

    It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include the classic Monopoly game in this list. Monopoly has always been one of my favorites but it isn’t as appealing to the younger generations as it once was. The makers of Monopoly, Hasbro, has recognized this and now makes many different versions of the classic game.

    If you have an 8-year-old, you have probably heard of the video game Fortnite. Luckily, there is also a Fortnite themed Monopoly game! Get your kids away from their screens and interacting together with a cleverly themed Monopoly game.

    If Fortnite isn’t their thing, there is almost an unlimited amount of Monopoly themed games on the market. Surf here to see all the different Monopoly versions available!

    Clumsy Thief Card Game (ages 8+)

    Clumsy Thief is a card game that develops math skills in children while using simulated money. It is a fast-paced game designed to keep kids engaged and constantly learning!

    This game has received several awards for its overall gameplay that includes:

    You can find it on here!

    Managing My Allowance (ages 8+)

    The objective of this game is to save as much money as you can for college. Kids earn money by taking advantage of sales and making smart financial decisions taught in the game.

    What I love about this game is it teaches kids how to budget as well as save. Rather than just hoarding money, they must also spend it in a responsible way.

    This game deals in real-world scenarios and teaches kids about the difference between needs and wants. Designed for kids 8 and up, this game is the perfect complement to their regular school instructions.

    Check it out on here!

    The Game Of Life (ages 8+)

    Wrapping up the list of money board games and card games to teach kids about money is a classic. The Game Of Life has been around for many years and is a great family game.

    This game takes players through life sequences that involve careers and other unusual twists and turns. At the end of the game, each player is required to pay off their debts and add up the wealth they have accumulated.

    The person at the end of the game with the most money wins!
    Pick up the Game Of Life on

    The Best Free Money Games For Kids – Downloadable Apps

    With the constant improvements in technology, downloadable apps for phones and tablets have become a major teaching tool for kids. Teaching kids about money with free apps is a great option if your kid loves their screen time and games.

    The items below are great options to help your kids improve their money skills through interactive games that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

    Renegade Buggies (Rated = Everyone)

    Renegade Buggies is available on both Android and Apple. The designers of this app focused on teaching responsible personal finance skills at its core. The object of this game is to collect coins and coupons every chance you get in order to get the best deal on grocery items.

    With proper saving and spending habits, players are rewarded with powerups and other attainable goals for your buggy.

    Download the app here on Android .

    Grocery Market Kids Cash Register (Rated = Everyone)

    This free app allows kids to be the cashier in their very own grocery store. It simulates money management and can improve math skills by adding and subtracting money.

    By completing quests, you can earn coins and spend them in the grocery store. This game also introduces kids on how to manage stocks when the stock in the shops are empty.

    Download Grocery Market Kids Cash Calculator for Android or Apple.

    Kids Learning Money Lite (Rated = Everyone)

    This free app focuses on the basics of identifying money in many different countries as well as your own!

    There are two different game modes depending on your child’s skill level. FOr the beginner, there is a learning mode designed to methodically teach your child each bill and coin through interactive gameplay.

    The second mode is called arcade mode and allows players to challenge their friends to see who is faster at counting money!

    Download Kids Learning Money Lite for Android or Apple.

    Coin Junior – Kids Math (Rated = Everyone)

    Coin Junior combines a series of money lessons with fun and engaging content. This free app is designed for kids age 3 – 11 years old and helps them engage and enjoy learning about money and coins.

    Children are rewarded for advancing through the challenges with virtual stickers each time they complete a course.

    This advanced game includes 84 lessons, 12 courses, and 15 mini-games. The first part of the game is free with additional in-app purchases available.

    Great Free Money Games For Kids – Online Computer

    I have always been a fan of computer games because they utilize a keyboard. Using a keyboard and teaching both math and typing skills are extremely important for young children. This following list of finance games for kids will help them develop both personal finance skills as well as academic improvements.

    Peter Pig’s Money Counter – Practical Money Skills (ages 5 – 8)

    Peter Pigs Money counter online game

    This interactive game was developed to help kids identify, count, and save money all while having fun! As they progress through the levels, they are rewarded with a trip to a virtual store where they can purchase items that fall within their budget.

    Peter Pig is customizable and you can dress him up in different outfits depending on the amount of money you have saved.

    Check out Peter Pig at this link here.

    Money Metropolis (ages 7 – 12)

    money metropolis spending and saving is a world of fun free online game

    Money Metropoli$ is a spending and saving game made by the same designers as Peter Pig. This game is geared towards kids ages 7 – 12 as they complete tasks in real-world scenarios.

    As a player, you complete objectives such as raking leaves and mowing lawns in order to add money to your virtual bank account.

    After a sum of money is saved up, you can later spend it in a virtual store. The more responsible you are with money, the better and bigger prizes you can earn!
    You can find Money Metropolis at this link here.

    Financial Football (ages 11+)

    Is there a football fan in your house? If so, you’re in luck! Visa and the National Football League teamed up to create an online football game aimed at helping young people develop responsible spending habits.

    Through the use of an interactive football game with your favorite NFL teams, the game is pushed forward as personal finance concepts are taught.

    Try Financial Football online here.

    Financial Soccer (ages 11+)

    Financial soccer to teach kids about money

    In the same realm as Financial Football, Visa has teamed up with FIFA to develop this soccer game aimed to develop money management skills in teens.

    The strategy of this game is to use financial tests to advance down the field in an attempt to score. If you have a big soccer fan in your house, this may be the perfect way to motivate them to continue improving their money management knowledge!

    Try out Financial Soccer here.

    Fun Ways To Teach Kids About Money

    As parents or educators, you know all too well the need to make learning fun. Luckily, with the age of the internet, finding the best information to move your kids to the next level has never been easier.

    There are plenty of fun money games out there to teach kids about money. While apps and online games are beneficial, I personally think the interaction and skills while playing board games are much more beneficial.

    Fun ways to teach kids about money should also include teacher and student interaction. My kids and I have bonded in ways I never thought possible through games.

    Wrapping It All Up

    The best games available to teach your kids about money can only do so much. Your kids need your active involvement in their learning in order for them to be successful. Even if your teenager needs help sticking to a budget or your youngest is learning how much a quarter is worth, they need your encouragement!

    You are now armed with the best money games available to take your child’s learning to the next level. Turn this knowledge into action and help them develop great money skills at an early age!