How Students Can Save On Car Insurance

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College students often need a car to get around safely and conveniently. Owning a car helps build independence, as well. However, even if you are a student driver, you should still be able to maintain your vehicle despite your limited monthly budget. 

Saving money on car insurance is a priority for most parents and students. As you search for ways to save on car insurance, you might find recommendations for State Farm car insurance as the best for students. You can read State Farm insurance reviews and see what student customers say about it. 

You can compare car insurance policies and see how State Farm insurance fits into your budget. Keeping your car insurance premium low can help with other college expenses as well. Here are some ways students like you can save on car insurance. 

Staying On Your Parents’ Car Insurance Plan

This is a good way to save on your car insurance as a college student. Some insurance providers allow this for students if they keep their permanent address the same as their parents. Driving carefully will help your parents maintain their monthly premium. A rate increase will happen if you do get into a vehicular accident. 

Considering State Farm Car Insurance

Many parents prefer State Farm car insurance for their children. You can check out some of the company’s available premium discounts for students:

Accident-free discount

The student can qualify if the student’s old car has not been damaged by accidents. This discount also applies to a new car. The discount gets bigger if the car maintains an accident-free status under State Farm car insurance. Updating State Farm about this before your renewal date can ensure that the discount is processed on time.

Safe driver discount

State Farm also rewards students who have a clean driving record. This type of discount may include telling passengers to wear seatbelts. It can also apply to students who drive the speed limit. 

Good student discount

Having good grades in college does not only make you the apple of your parents’ eyes. It can also help you save on your car insurance. Some car insurance companies can give you a discount of up to 25 percent on your premium if you have good grades. The amount will depend on the insurance provider. 

This type of premium discount can last up to the age of 25. If you are still a student by this time, you qualify only if you’re enrolled as a full-time student (homeschooling, high school or college). You should also show proof that you are in the top 20% of your class or have a 3.0 GPA. Qualifying test scores will do if you are homeschooled. 

Defensive driving course discount

Taking a driving safety or defensive driving course can help you get premium discounts as well. This course can help you develop skills in safely navigating all types of traffic and weather situations to avoid road accidents. Students who take this course can qualify for a 10 to 15 percent discount on premiums.

Anti-theft discount

You qualify for this discount if your car has an approved anti-theft device. The most common one is the standard car alarm. A car security system gives a student driver peace of mind. Ask State Farm about their accepted anti-theft devices to learn how much you can save. 

Passive restraint discount

You can also get about a 40 percent discount on your Medical Payments coverage. This discount applies if your car is an older model with a passive restraint system or factory-installed airbag. Most cars made in 1993 or older have these features. 

Student away at school discount

You can qualify for this State Farm discount if: you are a student driver under 25 years old, you have moved out of the house for college, and you use your car only during holidays and school breaks. The distance between your school and your home may affect the discount you get. 

Multiple policy discount

You qualify for this discount if you are an apartment-renting student and you have your own car insurance policy. You can get a discount if you bundle your car and rent premium payments. State Farm can offer you a discount if you have more than one policy with the company. You can also get a loyalty discount for being a long-time customer.

Students Can Save on Car Insurance by Qualifying for Discounts

Students who drive their own vehicles can save on car insurance premiums. Finding out if you qualify for specific student discounts and conditions can determine how much you can save. 

It may come as a surprise to some students that even being a model student or driver can lower their premiums. Considering State Farm car insurance could get you even more savings on your premium.