How To Make A Logo Online: Online Services Overview

Designer girl bro How To Make A Logo Online: Online Services Overview

Modern services are capable of performing more and more design-related tasks. Separate algorithms are specially trained to generate logos and create branding based on a description of the company’s activities. They allow businesses to save money and designers to save time that would normally be spent on concept development.

In this case, you can turn to numerous designers and generators on the Internet. But not every person or businessman has such an opportunity. Let’s specify the most prominent options.


Visme is a popular tool for creating visual logo content. Users are granted to select a template and make static or animated infographics, presentations, videos, banners, and much more. You can’t go wrong with Visme for your personal blog or portfolio design, website, eBooks, reports, or social media.

For ordinary users who have no experience with Photoshop or AI, this is an effective tool with which you can quickly engage your audience and show an interesting company product. This web solution with a variety of functionality will simplify any work with content. You will have access to a great number of original templates and will also be introduced to interactive animation.

The service allows you to develop logos, as well as design content for social networks. is based on a neural network that processes input data to create a logo, taking into account modern design practices.

First, you will need to indicate the name of the company and come up with a slogan (optional), and then select your field of activity, color palette for design, and font. At the same time, an explanation will appear under each palette about what mood it conveys; in the case of fonts, the names of companies that use this design will be shown.


A convenient online editor for quickly designing a logo. You can choose a template that can be changed using convenient tools. Thanks to this operating principle, anyone can master the program within a few minutes.

Logo design editor Turbologo asks you to choose up to 3 color palettes. Special mention is made of the efficiency of the support service, which answers all questions in detail and an accessible manner.

Turbologo operates like previous logo generators:

  1. write the company name and slogan (optional);
  2. customize colors (you can skip this step);
  3. decide on icons (you can skip this point);
  4. choose and adjust the logo you like;
  5. download the result after payment.

If you look at examples of Turbologo’s work, you will notice that they are characterized by minimalism and simplicity. This is exactly the result that classy marketers are aiming for.

The service offers an interface in different languages and ready-made options, including for the service sector, startups, and personal brands. First, you need to select the company’s field of work, three example logos, style, and colors, and enter the brand name. Additionally, you can add an icon. After this, the service will offer several dozen options, for each of which you can change the text, and background, and add icons, shapes, and lines.

The peculiarity of the service is that it allows you to download files in 4096px resolution and PNG, EPS, and PDF formats so that they can be placed on posters and promotional materials of various sizes. The cost of a logo is calculated individually based on its complexity.


This service is suitable for those who have no experience in logo design. The neural network itself generates a design based on the selected parameters and templates, and the finished version can be customized an unlimited number of times after purchase.

At the logo creation stage, in addition to choosing a color and entering the company name, you can specify keywords. This saves time: you don’t need to choose your favorite logos and icons from a long list to get similar ones. The neural network itself will select the appropriate icons and font.

Each logo in the list can be opened to see how it would look on the brand’s merch and packaging. This helps you make a choice faster.

Brandmark has a separate field for editing the result. And if you want to fix something, but don’t know what exactly, open the ideas section.

At the site, you can also create business card designs, materials for social networks, icons, and animations. You will need to pay $25 to download one logo, and the brand book will cost $65.

The service allows you to generate logos for free. You need to enter the company name, slogan, select colors, font style, and icon (optional). The neural network will offer many options, each of which can be edited. At the same time, at each editing step, the service will offer alternative logo options.

To download the final version you need to register. In addition, you can generate a company name, corporate identity, and a one-page website.


Specialized sites allow you not only to quickly generate a logo based on the description but also to create a brand book, as well as try the logo on your products. Such online logo generators have simplified the design creation process, allowing users to bring their drafts into being without the help of specialists.