Instafeet Review: What You Need To Know [2022]

instafeet review

Have you ever heard of a website called Instafeet? Instafeet is the newest social media craze that has taken over Instagram and Twitter! It’s a fun way to get creative with your pictures, but what exactly is it? This Instafeet review will tell you everything you need to know about the new fad.

It turns out; people are crazy about feet pictures. And not only do they want them- many sites and apps allow individuals to upload their photos in exchange for extra cash! So if you have attractive feet (or if they’re unique), then the selling of feet pictures could be just the thing that gets your finances back on track without too much effort from yourself.

Who created it?  how does it work?  And what is the sign-up process? In this blog post, we answer all of these questions and more!

What Is Instafeet? 

instafeet review

Instafeet is a social media platform where users can upload pictures of their feet for sale. It’s a subscription service, so you need to pay to see what others are selling theirs for!

It’s an online community that allows people worldwide to buy or sell images, and those interested in selling have to contact other subscribers via email to earn extra income! It offers visitors the chance to share their own feet photographs, rate others’ feet pictures and meet new friends with similar interests!

Who Are The Creators On Instafeet? 

The site is open for users age 18 or older, and registration is free. You must be a woman to post your feet on this website, as men are not allowed. Women make up the majority of people on here – they’re either sellers of their own photos (foot fetishism).

Buyers looking specifically for these types of content from other women who share it freely online with anyone interested in seeing what’s out there.

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    If you want to become a feet pic seller, you can use a direct bank deposit or credit card processing for your subscription fees.

    How Instafeet Works

    how to sell pictures of your feet on instafeet

    Instafeet is an online platform where you can buy, sell or trade your feet photos. It’s a growing community of people who love everything related to this topic connecting worldwide! You do not need any previous experience to join- when registering with Instafeet, you must be at least 18 years old.

    A Creator Profile on our site usually means creating original content like pictures/videos featuring their own feet. You have to fill in your correct personal details when signing up.

    The company is not discriminatory and will accept applicants from all walks of life. However, it only allows 10% of new entrants into this social platform.

    “To increase chances at eligibility, you must provide a valid photo identity card/ID for verification purposes,” says an admin on their website’s FAQ page about submitting applications when joining this private community-based social networking site.

    Members help each other make money by posting photos they take with specific guidelines, such as adding more images often or including captions detailing what’s in them (elevator selfies).

    A secret to making it on Instafeet is setting a reasonable monthly subscription price. Pricing ranges between $5 and $10, but if you’re serious about monetizing your account, I recommend sticking with the lower amounts to avoid having any trouble with subscribers paying every month!

    When all set up–you’ll get an email address for yourself along with a unique link that can be shared via social media apps like Twitter or Facebook. Users must pay a monthly subscription fee to view their favorite pictures/videos from wherever they are located around the world wide web at any given moment.

    Is Instafeet Legit? 

    is instafeet legit to make money

    Absolutely. Instafeet is a legit platform. The app was first introduced as an outlet for entertainment, but it quickly grew into more than just some kooky niche website. While some people might not find selling feet pictures legal, there is no law against it.

    Instafeet is an Instagram foot fetish platform that has been operating for over four years. It only sells photos of people’s feet and not explicit content, making it legal.

    Instafeet is accepted legally in many developed countries across the world! For example, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, among other developed nations, allow Instafeet content and consumption (with strict rules about how explicit or sexually suggestive each post must be).

    Is Instafeet Safe? 

    Some websites out there want to make your life a living nightmare. Instafeet is not one of those sites. Instead, it provides an enjoyable and safe environment for its users with every measure taken, from enhancing security measures down to providing user anonymity through encryption tools to protect you.

    Instafeet is a private platform. This means that your account is the only one you have, and it’s not visible to anyone but those who signed for just this reason – so please don’t share your account with others!

    The website has taken measures against cyberbullying by ensuring each user can set their privacy settings to keep them safe from creepy people or potential predators looking at what someone else posted on Instagram without permission.

    In some countries, selling pictures of feet is legal and encouraged. In others, it can be a great way to make money, and people will pay reasonable prices for such content. Depending on a country’s religious beliefs or age limit, restrictions are usually placed.

    However, those boundaries don’t always apply when dealing with internet commerce. 

    How Much Can You Make On Instafeet? 

    You can make money quickly by driving traffic and getting visitors to subscribe. All you need are some pictures, which will be delivered right in your inbox once purchased on Instafeet. If enough people buy them straight away, they go back into circulation within 24 hours (giving another chance at earning).

    Top earners report making up $500 per day, so it’s time that YOU start rocking this game too–why don’t we take a look around?

    You can start by setting rates and uploading pictures, going for $5-$100 per image on Instafeet. So if you have four subscribers in your account, someone might pay up to 70 bucks just for one photo!

    When Instafeet Pays You

    Instafeet makes payments twice every month – the first payment is on the 1st of the month and the second payment on the 15th. They take their commission from your earnings, then deposit the balance into an instant account for you!

    How You Will Receive Your Payment

    You need to have a PayPal account to receive your payment from Instafeet. They make sure that you get paid for your work in the most efficient way possible. All transactions are done online, without any need to mail invoices or ship products.

    Steps to Start Selling Pictures Of Your Feet On Instafeet

    steps to sell pictures of your feet on instafeet

    Step One: Create A Seller Profile

    Create a seller account by filling out the sign-up form: You are required to enter your name, email address, location and agree to their privacy policy.

    Step Two: Submit The Application & Wait For Approval

    It takes a while before they can approve your application. Not all applications are approved.

    Step Three:  Profile And Username

    Upon approval, you will need to Fill out your profile & select your username. Then you are ready to go.

    Step Four: Post Content

    It’s time to show off your feet. Once you’ve successfully created an account and are verified, start by posting 5-10 feet pics for your subscribers.

    Step Five: Set A Price

    You should not set a high price that may deter potential buyers. A fee of about 10 dollars is ideal.

    Your unique link will help you promote your content on other social media.

    Share your link with others.

    Step Seven: Market Yourself

    Marketing yourself by sharing on other platforms will increase your subscribers and earnings as a result.

    How Instafeet Makes Money

    Instafeet takes a 10% cut from your subscriber earnings, and payments will go out on the 1st and 15th of every month. You’ll need to sign up with a valid picture ID proving you’re at least 18 years old.

    Do I Have To Show My Face On Instafeet? 

    showing face on instafeet

    Instafeet’s policy on showing one’s face is not mandatory, but most buyers want to see the faces that come with their feet. Therefore, you can choose to reveal your face or not on Instafeet. Note that this policy is at your discretion, but there are reasons for showing it off too! It makes sense why most buyers want to see who their feet belong to.

    The bottom line: know yourself well enough before deciding whether or not revealing everything will give good results down the road with potential clients/customers.

    Can You Sell Hand Pics On Instafeet Or Is It Only Feet Pics?

    Unfortunately, no hand photos are allowed in Instafeet. If you want to sell your hand pictures, you can consider starting your own blog or using other marketplace platforms that enable hand pictures.

    Selling your feet photos is the only way to go if you want to make extra money on this platform. You can either upload photos of both feet or one foot.

    Who Actually Buys Feet Pics On Instafeet? 

    Is there a market for photos of my feet? Yes! Many people, groups, and companies are interested in acquiring such images. In addition, there may be regional preferences depending on where you live or the type of work done.

    These buyers include:

    1. Stock Photography Websites

    Stock photography sites are some of the biggest clients for your feet pictures. These sites often have an image library to post published photographs that customers order for use in their commercial or personal projects, such as brochures or other promotional material.

    The publisher may buy rights on some of the images you submit so they can be featured prominently across all these pages with limited copyright infringement concerns while still having access without any hassle when these stock photos are needed later down the line.

    2. Feet Lovers

    Research shows that most people with foot fetishes or a sexual interest containing feet content are men. However, a large group is made up mainly of females who have a fetish for feet and love this particular type of body part on you.

    In addition, some of the most prominent feet buyers are high-end clientele. So it makes sense why making hundreds from tips each day would be well within reach as long they know what to do to make their customers happy.

    3. Agencies For Foot Models

    Foot model agencies are always on the lookout for good-looking feet images, and that’s where modeling agencies come in. They have magazines with pictures to showcase their creativity when recruiting new models or promoting current ones! As a result, they are also some of the biggest clients for feet pictures.

    How Much You Should Charge For Feet Pictures

    how much to charge on instafeet

    You can charge for your photos depending on you and the client. Charging a single, static picture starts at $5 with no maximum amount per image; however, it should be relative to how much other sellers are charging so that buyers know if their price will work or not in this market!

    A good starting point is around $10/piece, which could go up from there as needed -though don’t raise rates too quickly- since gaining an audience takes time.

    As someone new to Instafeet, I recommend keeping prices low initially, between $10 and $20. As more followers accumulate over time, they increase accordingly.

    When Will Instafeet Approve My Application As A Creator/Seller? 

    You can expect to hear back from Instafeet within 1-3 weeks, and they will let you know that your profile is approved when the application process has been completed.

    The Rules Of Instafeet

    Instafeet has specific rules listed on their website:


    • Moisturize your feet and toes
    • Remove any hairs – plucking is best
    • Get a pedicure and color
    • Submit both face and feet photos
    • Add toe rings or bracelets


    • Apply for two creators on one profile
    • Register more than one account
    • Upload low quality photos or stock photographs
    • Submit only face or only feet photos

    Instafeet Reviews From Others

    Instafeet is average but not exceptional. There are some complaints from users about using ID proof instead of other verification methods.

    The rating for Instafeet was 2.3/5 from others, which means they found it lacking and worth a punt.

    How To Contact Instafeet Customer Support

    Instafeet is always available to help you with any questions or concerns. No matter what the issue may be, they have quick responses for all users so that no one goes without assistance in their time of need! In addition, you can always reach customer service through to address any concerns that arise after using our platform!

    Pros Of Instafeet

    A highly ranked photo selling platform, Instafeet is loved by many for its privacy measures. It has a strong community of sellers and buyers alike with positive reviews about their experience using it or buying photos from this site altogether!

    A PayPal-based payment option means you can send money anywhere easily without any hassle–choose your country to make things easier on yourself when transferring funds internationally through them too.

    A great thing about this site on Alexa rankings was how well it ranked. It is one of the only sites where people can buy/sell their own feet pictures makes its traffic somewhat low but still worth checking out if you’re looking into something unique rather than mainstream options available elsewhere online right now.

    Cons Of Instafeet

    A new platform in the market comes with a fair share of fear. There are a few negative reviews about this platform. However, given that it is just one year old and its inception was in 2018, there haven’t been many cases of duping reported to date.

    One reason for this could be because users can join as part of an exclusive private community that connects buyers & sellers directly on the website without any middlemen taking their cut as other sites do. This means you’re less likely at risk if something goes; wrong with your purchase! 

    Some customers even say customer care has been slow. Still, according to all accounts so far, everything seems well handled by them except when these issues arise (which luckily doesn’t happen often).

    Instafeet Social Media Handles

    Instagram: instafeet_team 

    Twitter: @instafeet 

    Facebook: InstaFeetOfficialFanpage

    Official Website:

    Instafeet Alternatives: What is the Best App to Sell Feet Pics other than Instafeet? 

    A lot of people enjoy looking at pictures of feet on the internet. Some alternative sites to Instafeet where you can sell your photos include Feet Finder and Foap, but there’s no need for these listings; just be limited by them!

    You could also reach a wider audience through popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. So you’ll have plenty more options than before when it comes down to taking advantage of this trend in content marketing.