Undebt It App Review [2022]

my review of undebt.it

Do you ever find yourself struggling to pay off your debts? If so, then you might want to check out the Undebt It app. This app allows you to set up automatic payments to your creditors.

If you are having trouble paying off your debt, there are several apps that allow you to automate your payments. One such app is called Undebt It. This app allows you set up automatic payments to multiple creditors at once.

In this review I am going to show you exactly what this app does and if it’s worth using.

In order to successfully get out of debt, you need to have two things:

1. A change in mindset that believes you can get out of debt, and

2. A plan to actually do it. This is where the Undebt It App may be the perfect plan for you!

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

The key to getting out of debt is changing your current mindset and learning to look at money a different way. Money is meant to be a blessing in our life that gives us an ability to both bless our lives as well as the lives of others.

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    Unfortunately, many of us are unable to truly experience these blessings because we find ourselves drowning in debt. Debt is financial slavery and when we are able to look at debt with disgust and decide we are not willing to live this way anymore – real progress can be made.

    When you reach that point where you have hit rock bottom and are willing to do anything to stop stressing about money, you’re ready to move into phase two.

    Picking The Perfect Debt Payoff Plan

    Personal finance really comes down to one thing – it’s personal. Each of us learns and accomplishes things differently. This is why most one size fits all plans do not work. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

    Some financial gurus will shove their personal agendas down your throat and try to convince you that their way is the only way to get out of debt. Predesigned plans are great – if they work with your personality and pain points.

    If you’re the type of person who wants to be involved in your own success rather than blindly following the advice of others, the Undebt It App may be the perfect fit for you.

    What Is Undebt It? Is It Legit?

    Undebt.It is a FREE debt payoff tool that helps keep track of your progress and goals during your debt payoff plan. The website is actually https://Undebt.it, which is where it gets its name. By using a proper budget and holding yourself accountable, this app helps you get out of debt quickly by creating the perfect plan specifically for you. It’s a customizable program that offers multiple debt payoff methods that you can tailor specifically to you.

    What I personally love about Undebt.It is its ability to tailor the perfect plan for you depending on your personality type. The most popular debt payoff plan that people use is the Debt Snowball method (paying off your debts one by one – lowest balances first) and the app can integrate this method.

    However, if you have a more mathematical and systematic personality like I do, you can also choose the Debt Avalanche (paying off your debts one by one – highest interest rate first) method with this app – which is my personal favorite.

    Undebt It Pricing

    For me, it doesn’t really matter how good a program is if it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg to pay for it. So many people offer advice or programs to get out of debt and then hit you with a hefty monthly bill that actually puts you further in debt.

    As mentioned earlier, there is a FREE version of Undebt.it that may be all you need. You can certainly get out of debt with the free version – it’s not one of those bait and switch programs where you get halfway through and then you need to give them $100 a month in order to complete your progress. No fine print here folks!

    The app has two pricing models – the free version and the premium version. The free version is absolutely free while the premium version is only $12 a year.

    Undebt.it Promo Code [2022]

    I recently reached out to Jeff Donaldson, the creator of Undebt.it and told him I was doing a review of his free tool. I asked him if he had any special promotions going on that he could provide my readers if they wanted to upgrade to the premium version.

    Without hesitation, Jeff told me you can use: TAKE25OFF for 25% off of the already low yearly price!

    Start using Undebt.it through this link.

    Undebt It Premium Version

    The Undebt it premium version has several integrations that are not available to the free plan. The premium version exclusively includes:

    • Drag and drop custom debt creator
    • Bill management
    • 52-week savings plan
    • Debt blaster
    • Text message payment reminders
    • Monthly email summary
    • Account tracking and projections
    • Individual amortization table
    • Auto bill pay
    • Calendar payment planner
    • Preview account consolidation
    • Removes website ads
    • Monthly auto adjustments
    • Mobile calendar integration
    • Debt payoff stories
    • YNAB integration

    Here is how each plan stacks up:

    undebtit pricing

    How Undebt.it Works

    For me, the security of my personal information is extremely important. Many apps require you to connect your personal bank accounts so the app can directly connect to your personal information. This has always made me squeamish especially with all the data breaches reported on a weekly basis.

    Undebtit does not directly connect to your financial accounts and requires you to put this information in manually. While this may be a burden for some, I personally like that it can keep track of my progress without the danger of hackers stealing all my bank account information.

    Due to this, I’m willing to spend the extra time manually adding my information.

    Here is a quick overview video of how Undebt.it works:

    Step By Step Examples To Start Your Debt Free Journey

    Undebt.it uses the most efficient systems to pay off your debt. By paying off one debt at a time, you are able to use a laser focus approach to the debt payoff process which is the fastest way to get out of debt. This approach moves all of your money to a new debt each time you pay off an older debt.

    Creating A Free Account

    As I stated before, Undebt.it has a free option that may be the perfect fit for you. All accounts require the free registration process to get you started. By going to http://undebt.it you can start the process by going to the create a free account link.

    undebt it create a free account link

    Creating Your Personal Payment Plan To A Debt Free Life

    Undebt it does not connect to your bank accounts and requires you to enter your information manually. This process is extremely valuable because it forces you to take a hard look at your current financial situation and how much you need to improve. By being actively involved in the data entry process, you can appreciate your current situation and what is needed to get out of debt.

    Using the account information and the dashboard area allows you to add your banking information as well as your debt information. This is entirely customizable for your own personal situation to create a debt repayment plan that works best for you.

    undebt it add a new account
    undebt.it debt account summary
    Debt Account List
    undebt it account summary
    upcoming debt payments
    Get Reminders Of Your Upcoming Payments

    Debt Snowball Excel Table

    I am a very visual person so I need to see graphs and tables for numbers and payoff plans to make sense to me. Undebt.it uses a Debt Snowball Table to clearly show how your debts will be paid off and in what order.

    This table provides your debt details in a central location that you can export for reference. While Dave Ramsey is credited with the creation of the debt snowball, Undebt.it takes it to a new level to incorporate the ideas into technology.

    debt snowball payoff table
    Debt Snowball Payoff Table

    Debt Payoff Plans For Your Personality Type

    Personal finance should not take on a one size fits all approach. Paying off debt requires a great deal of will power and most of us are motivated through different strategies. Dave Ramsey touts the debt snowball as the only real way to get out of debt. For me, however, the debt avalanche method makes much more sense and actually saves you more money in the long run.

    Whatever debt repayment method works best for you, Undebt.it can accommodate you. Below are the different payoff methods you can customize to your own personal style and needs.

    The Debt Snowball Plan

    All of the payoff plans utilize the most efficient manner of focusing on paying off one debt at a time. Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method involves paying the minimum on all of your debts except the debt with the lowest balance. The strategy is to pay off the debt with the lowest balance as quickly as possible and to move on to the next one.

    This strategy is perfect for people who lose motivation easily and need to see “quick wins.”

    The Debt Avalanche Method

    This is my personal favorite because it makes the most mathematical sense. Rather than focusing on balances, this payoff method focuses on interest rates. Interest rates are the number one enemy when it comes to debt payoff because interest actively adds on more debt. Larger interest rates mean larger amounts of debt added each month.

    The debt avalanche payoff plan focuses on the debt with the highest interest rate first. By doing this, the larger interest rates are eliminated first thereby lowering the total amount of debt added each month due to interest.

    Pay Off The Highest Monthly Payment First

    This plan is geared to help you free up cash in your budget in the quickest manner possible. By focusing on the debt with the highest monthly payment, paying off this debt will allow you to put a larger amount of money towards your next debt. This is a different way of looking at the debt repayment process but it has the ability to give you more flexibility when you are able to knock out those larger monthly payments.

    Debt Hybrid Plan

    Undebt.it has a unique plan that combines the best of the debt snowball and the debt avalanche method. By analyzing the interest and total debt in a systematic and mathematical way, the hybrid plan gives you a path to pay off your debts by combining both strategies.

    To see how this plan would work for you, create a free account and enter your information.

    Concerned About Credit? Use The Highest Credit Utilization Plan

    Many people are concerned about their credit scores and how they can improve them in order to make a large purchase, such as a home, in the future. The credit plan takes a look at which debts are hurting your credit score the most and paying off these debts first.

    Pay Off Highest Interest Amounts First

    Similar to the debt avalanche, this plan looks at the debts with the highest interest rates and compares the actual amounts of debt that are being added each month. Rather than focusing solely on the interest rate itself, this plan pays off the debt that is adding the most amount of interest debt each month.

    Have A Better Way? Create Your Own Custom Plan!

    As I have said many times, personal finance is just that – personal. Each of us has different pain points and are motivated by different things. Undebt it gives you the ability to create your perfect payoff plan tailored directly to your needs. For a more detailed view of how the custom plan option works, check out the video below.

    Not Sure How Each Plan Stacks Up? Compare Plans Easily!

    If you are unsure which debt payoff plan would be best for you, don’t worry – you can easily compare plans after you enter your financial information. The dashboard gives you the ability to do a side by side comparison of repayment plans using your actual information!

    debt snowball debt avalanche debt hybrid comparison

    Track Your Credit Scores And Utilization

    Each credit card you have has a debt limit. The closer you are to that limit, the more of an impact it has on your credit score. Undebt it recognizes how important credit utilization is to people and shows you in a graph form how you are doing. Tracking your credit is easy with the app because it automatically calculates how much debt you currently have in relation to your credit limits.

    undebtit credit scores

    Track Your Overall Progress

    I am a visual person and need to see progress when I am working on a financial goal. Currently, my wife and I are working on paying off our mortgage. In order to give me the visual aid I need to keep me motivated, we have a jar of marbles on our kitchen counter.

    Each marble represents $1,000 left to pay on our outstanding mortgage. For every $1,000 we pay off, we take a marble out of the jar.

    Undebt.it has a visual aid that helps people track their debt payoff in real-time. By using graphs and charts, the system gives you an easy to understand visual aid in order to keep you motivated.

    debt payoff progress
    Track Your Real Time Debt Payoff Progress

    Should You Pay For The Premium Version?

    At $12 dollars a year, or one dollar per month, Undebt.it premium is extremely affordable. I would definitely pay for the service but if you’re on the fence, there is a 30 day trial period of the premium version before you are committed to paying the annual fee. In addition, if you would like to learn more about the premium version, check out this detailed video below.

    You Need A Budget (YNAB) Integration

    With the premium version of Undebt.it, you can integrate your YNAB account with your dashboard. YNAB is a popular budgeting tool that links to your banking institutions. If you currently utilize YNAB, integrating it with Undebt.it is a great way to save you both time and money.

    YNAB works hand in hand with Undebt.it to give you the perfect debt payoff plan by combining a budget strategy with a debt payoff strategy.

    ynab integration with undebt.it

    Does Undebt it Have An App?

    Unfortunately, Undebt.it does not have a mobile iOs or Android app. However, the Undebt.it webpage has been optimized for mobile viewing to make it easily accessible with your phone or mobile device.

    Wrapping It All Up

    home page image Undebt It App Review [2022]

    Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Undebt.it free plan. The manual data entry can be a bit tiresome especially if you have a lot of information to add. However, the added security of not having my bank accounts and passwords linked to another account was a plus for me.

    The integration of YNAB, which does allow for bank account linking, is a way to speed up the process. I enjoyed going through the demo of the program and all the visuals it offered me.

    I definitely recommend the premium plan because for one dollar a month, it would be silly not to pay it. In addition, if you use the promo code TAKE25OFF, you get an additional 25% off the already low price. How can you go wrong?

    If you’re looking for a great solution to get you on track and help you meet your debt payoff goals, Undebt.it is definitely a great tool to do just that.

    Click this link here to get started with Undebt.it.

    Check it out and leave me a comment below – what did you think of it?

    General FAQ

    Does Undebt.it have a promo code for 2022?

    Yes! Use TAKE25OFF for 25% off the premium version!

    Does Undebt.it have an app?

    Unfortunately Undebt.it does not have a mobile app. However, the webpage has been optimized for mobile viewing.

    How much does Undebt.it cost?

    Undebt.it offers a free plan or a premium plan for $12 a year.

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