Private Watch Party [Everything You Need To Know]

private watch party

Private watch parties are becoming increasingly popular, whether attending a cinema in person for a private screening or online as part of a group attendance for an online streaming service. Watching movies has always been a favorite pastime for most people, although lock downs have made them more desirable as a way to escape our day-to-day lives.

A hobby such as watching movies can be more than a pastime and is suitable for our mental health. We can switch off from our daily lives and focus on something else. It can boost your mood and reduce the symptoms of depression.

What Is A Private Watch Party?

A private watch party is a fantastic opportunity to host a movie screening event in a theater or auditorium. How amazing is it to invite all your family and friends together so you can watch the latest blockbuster movie on the big screen?

Select movie theaters offer this service, so it is worth checking online for movie theaters near you for a private movie. You can create your movie watch party for you and your guests, which is a fabulous way to relax and watch a film together in an entire movie theater.

Benefits Of A Private Watch Party

The significant benefit of having a private watch party is that you can feel like a celebrity hosting a large event in a private location. It is also a fantastic experience to watch a movie with cinematic effects, and it is undoubtedly more powerful than watching a movie at home with dimmed-down lighting.

However, some online streaming services offer the opportunity to watch the same movie online with up to 100 participants who can chat while the movie is on to share the experience. The benefit of this is that you can keep your popcorn and favorite movie candy, and you will not have to share them! You can set aside your movie snacks. 

The companies offering a cinematic experience are doing their best to accommodate their guests and make them feel valued and wanted. They want their guests to feel that they are feeling confident and comfortable in the environment and that they are enjoying themselves. They are doing their best to incentivize their new members so that they continue to want to host or attend their movie theaters.

Sitting in an ample space also allows people to enjoy watching a movie while maintaining social and physical distancing due to concerns over Covid-19. Although it has been a challenging time for all, it is perhaps now the time to sit back and relax and be distracted from day-to-day life by going to the movies or watching online. It is lovely to have an activity out of the house.

Planning A Private Watch Party

planning a private watch party private watch party

Consider how you can best plan a private watch party to maximize its chance of success. You can also take pride in inviting your favorite people in your life like family and friends to your event and tailoring it to your specific requirements. Imagine having the entire auditorium to yourself. How amazing is that?

Selecting the Movie

Probably the best method for defining movie selections for a group is to complete some kind of poll to determine what your audience would most like to watch. That way, it can make it fair to everyone who wishes to attend the event. List 5-10 movies of choice you feel are most appropriate for your audience.

You can also discuss with those who have confirmed they can attend the event. They can select their favorite movie out of the selection provided. Depending on the time of year, this can range from all-time favorite Halloween movies, family friendly movies to Asian dramas, educational films and movies or a -time classic movie from many years ago. Some films may only be available for a limited time due to the seasons.

Once your audience has been confirmed, you can create cute invitations and send them out in advance. You may even be able to arrange some tokens to share some of the offers on the snacks or even arrange something a little fancier for afterward at a local restaurant. It will need some planning in terms of the allocated time slot.

Some of your family members and friends may need more time to go to the movie and have dinner afterward. You could arrange a small gathering beforehand and then travel together on the same transport. There are many options to consider, so it is worth sharing those ideas and making decisions in the group about what everyone would prefer overall.

If the event is for a birthday party, you could open birthday gifts or have a birthday cake celebration at home before heading to your private event space. The cake can be offered with movie candies and thank you notes.

Once the selection is made, then you can notify the movie theatres of your choice and make the booking for a private auditorium. You can then arrange for an after-event for a movie review and even make a rating out of 5!

Implementing Physical Distancing And Safety Measures

private watch party implementing physical distancing and safety measures

The provider should be able to assist you with guidance and advice on how to run the advice best. Set up positions for your audience so that they are measured apart and provide some assurances on the disinfection of the cinema.

You can contact the cinema in advance to check on their latest physical distancing and safety measures so that you can inform your family and friends in advance.

Enhancing Cleanliness And Hygiene Practices

You should expect that the cinema will endorse an excellent standard of cleanliness and hygiene for their premises. This is covered under their safety and precautions plan and should be implemented accordingly. Hand sanitizer should be provided, and measures to have cleaned the premises should have been made for enhanced control of cleanliness and hygiene to a standard.

One of the cinemas offering this type of service is called Cinemark, which adopts an extensive standard of cleanliness and hygiene practices. Their standard professes to sanitize their premises every 30 minutes to eliminate Covid -19 throughout their theaters effectively.

This also includes cleaning concession stands, kitchens, restaurants, and many counter tops used to serve food. Restrooms are also regularly cleaned and sanitized with a thorough cleaning of the toilets and anything reachable by the general public, such as handles, faucets, and sinks.

They even ensure that the air quality of Cinemark is designed to deliver excellent air quality throughout due to the systems in place to regulate the air quality. For example, they use air circulation, which diffuses air from the ceiling down to the floor so that it can be passed through air filtration equipment well.

Setting Time Limits

setting time limits private watch party

If you have decided to stream your movie online, it is challenging to use Zoom if you are on a free version of Zoom which will limit you to 40 minutes online.

Consider using Amazon Prime, for example, which can offer up to 100 participants, although you will need to consider how viable an option this is. Research more widely to see other options to maximize the time limits for watching movies as a group.

Making Credits Applicable

If you are streaming online and sharing this through Zoom, for example, then you may need to consider whether you can make the credits available at the end of the movie. You can also question whether this is applicable and then determine if this is something you wish to pursue.

Offering Favorable Concession Prices

private watch party offering favorable concession prices

Concessional prices may be offered for a certain number of people attending the group event at an additional charge, or there may be special offers for introductory offers for the experience.

It would depend on the individual provider in your local area, so it is worth doing more in-depth research to find out more. It is advised to check the concessions’ terms and conditions as there are limits due to the minimum concession purchase.

The Cinemark Movie Club Experience

The Cinemark Movie Club experience is the first American-based exhibitor to offer a paid subscription membership program. It is gaining popularity with family and friends who can experience movies together in the movie theater at an affordable cost. It is fast becoming one of the more influential movie theater companies.

The Movie Club itself allows guests to be able to appreciate and experience the benefits that the Movie Club provides. Current release movies are shared with an opportunity to book in advance, which is suited for those passionate about movies. Members can purchase movie merchandise and join for free as movie fan members initially and upgrade later.

The Movie Club offers benefits such as one 3D film ticket for any showtime, and an upgrade to a premium ticket can be made. If tickets are purchased and unused, they can be shared with family and friends. One of the benefits that you can share with your friends and family is the Cinemark rewards movie club.

You can have one rollover ticket with 20% off snacks and no hidden online fees. A 20% concession is offered for every visit to the cinema, and seats can be reserved with no additional online fees. There are no hidden fees for joining the club.

Cinemark has been developed due to consumer requests who prefer to attend theaters as they prefer the big screen and are loyal customers. They are likely to attend and recommend the company to others.

The Cinemark Movie Club offers incentives such as 20% discounts on concessions due to the membership, and they can also purchase popcorn and snacks with some incentivized discount rates. Some providers may even offer an unlimited fountain drink refill such as cola. A Cinemark gift card would also make an awesome gift. 

Overview Of Cinemark’s Membership Program

overview of cinemark's membership program private watch party

There are approximately 1 million members to date, which has resulted in a 1-million-point giveaway. Members have been allowed to spin-to-win with lucky spins that can earn them many points, which in some cases is enough for them to win a free movie ticket.

They can also engage in other coupons and entries for competitions with the chance to win more prizes.

The Cinemark movie club can be joined online on their website for a movie screening, or you can download the App for their online streaming service.

How To Stream Movies Through Cinemark’s Platform

You need to download the Cinemark App on your iPhone or Android. You can start the Cinemark App and set the movie in cine mode. You need to keep logging in to the movie throughout the film.

To earn the rewards, you will need to ensure that you are engaged in watching the movie. If you disengage from the movie at any point by responding to a message, then the App will stop, and you will not receive any points or rewards as a result.

Mark Zoradi’s Impact On Cinemark’s Moviegoing Experience

private watch party Mark Zoradi's impact on cinemark's moviegoing experience

Mark Zoradi became the CEO of Cinemark in 2015, and they are overseeing over 6000 screens in the US and Latin America. It has become more competitive with its latest App, and they are providing more Imax screens and a large formatted brand for XD.

Cinema XD means the most amazing experience as the screen will project 35 trillion colors projected on a gigantic screen and also comes complete with digital surround sound.

Movie ticket sales are ever-increasing due to the opportunity for people to access a private movie screening.

The Movie Club is the first solution for a subscription program with loyalty programs in the US for movie fans.

There will likely be more luxury dine-in movie auditoriums for a luxury movie experience. The theater will, in time, be promoted as a luxury movie theater with more convenient seating arrangements with cupholders and trays. It will allow you to enjoy your favorite movie snacks and relax.

You will also have the benefit of reclining your seat and having the opportunity to reserve them when you book your tickets online. It is ideal for movie lovers who may also be able to book a loveseat where they can lounge out even more.

For some of us that have not been to the movies in a while, it is worth considering some of the things that you need to consider if you are in the company of others, particularly in a movie theater, even if there is social distancing. There is a form of etiquette to be considered overall. Here are some top tips.

You may query whether it is suitable to laugh at something if you are going to watch a funny movie or whether you should try and stay quiet. Perhaps you have spent far too much indoors during the pandemic lockdowns.

You should first consider that you will need to be more courteous in front of other people than you would if you were by yourself. Putting your feet up on the chair in front is an example of this.

It will be much quieter than you are used to, so it is generally good etiquette to try to be quieter and not make too much noise. Most people accept that there will be some rustling of the popcorn bag or some opening of paper wrappers, but consider opening them before the movie starts.

One of the main things to consider, which is a massive annoyance, is that your mobile phone should ideally be turned off to avoid any distractions. You can also place it into your pocket or bag, out of sight and out of your mind. It is all too easy to want to pick it up and get distracted and not watch the movie.

You should also avoid taking calls or responding to messages throughout the movie, even if it is something you are not used to doing. Try and be present.

As you would expect, you are not allowed to take photographs or film in the movie theater due to copyright infringement, and you could be asked to leave if people feel that you are doing that. It is discouraged in the theater.

It is best to have eaten something substantial before going to the theater so that you are not trying to have a full-course dinner during it. No doubt you will start to feel some discomfort, and it is not particularly pleasant for the other people attending to have all the strong smells associated. You could always plan a meal after the movie, which is far more enjoyable than trying to do both.

You must recognize that a mask may be required during theater shows, although checking on the latest rules is best. Of course, if masks are necessary, then you can remove them to eat/drink. You should cover your mouth if you cough and sneeze not to contaminate anything around you.

Being disruptive and noisy is not advisable, so it is best to keep that argument with your partner until later to avoid disturbing anyone. Nothing is worse than being told off for being too noisy and shouted at.

Talking during the movie annoys most people as they do not necessarily want your running commentary on what is happening. They would instead cast their judgment and opinion on it and discuss it with you later, so it is generally best to keep quiet.

There are better ideas than singing along to songs in the movie, as you are more than likely to annoy your family and friends and prevent their enjoyment of the film. Perhaps you can sing the credits on the way out.

The best thing about going to the movies is that you won’t need to dress up and you will be sat in the dark anyway so no one will care to look. It is also best to dress in more clothes as the movie theaters are known to get chilly due to the air filtration and air conditioning systems installed.

Consider taking a small bag so you can put snacks and drinks into it instead of having to lug everything around with you. A bottle of water is also a good idea so that you can sip it throughout the movie. Popcorn is bound to make you a little more thirsty than usual, although you want to avoid drinking so much that you must go to the toilet every 5 minutes.

Make sure you use the restroom before going into the movie theater to be seated so that you are prepared for a longer sitting. You can rest assured that you will enjoy the movie more. Most films will have some adverts at the beginning, so you can settle in and go out quickly to the restroom before it starts.

Hopefully, the cold air will stop you from falling asleep, so you need to see a movie you are hyped up about and will enjoy. It is worth getting an early night beforehand to ensure you are rested.

Overall, just be respectful to those around you, and you will undoubtedly have a good time, and everyone will be happy.

No doubt, whatever you decide to do, it will be a roaring success.

Happy movie-watching! Enjoy!