15 Best Food Delivery Jobs: Set Your Own Hours

best food delivery jobs

Are you looking for an interesting way to make some extra income? The food industry has got you covered with these 15 best food delivery jobs.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on UPS or FedEx for a delivery job. Now, the food sector creates thousands of those positions every year with food delivery driver opportunities. 

If you have a valid driver’s license and are at least 18 years old, you can make extra money by working for food delivery companies.

The demand for food delivery has skyrocketed up, ending up creating many more delivery jobs.  As dine-ins might remain closed for a long time post lockdown, the landscape of delivery jobs will continue to thrive and pay well. 

With Americans spending more than $30 billion on ordering food every year, and 20% of them ordering at least once a week, food delivery jobs will always remain in demand. 

Here, we will be discussing 15 of the best food delivery jobs in the US that you can find right now.

15 Best Food Delivery Jobs

1. Grubhub

grub hub food delivery job

How Much You Can Earn:

$12 per hour

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    How to become a driver at Grubhub: You are eligible to work for Grubhub if you have a car, valid ID, and auto insurance and have a smartphone with the latest Android or iOS. For some areas, you can also apply as a biker delivery personnel. The hourly rates are subjected to the time of the day and the radius you are operating in.

    This food delivery company is a Chicago-based online portal for ordering online food. Like many other food apps, it connects consumers to the restaurants in their respective regions. Also, it acts as a delivery outsourcer for food joints.

    Follow this link to apply at Grubhub.

    2. Doordash 

    door dash food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $8-15 per hour 

    How to become a driver at Doordash: This food app has made it easy for drivers to sign-up for the job and make money delivering food. After the initial registration, drivers or “Dashers” have to install an app and choose their working time slots there. You must be 18 years with a valid driver’s license and a vehicle to register on Doordash. 

    Doordash is a leading food delivery company and a San Francisco based startup that launched in 2013. It has designed its delivery job model to cater to all those who are looking to earn extra income as a side hustle. The app also gives out a $500 bonus on every successful referral. 

    Follow this link to apply at Doordash.

    3. Postmates

    postmates food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $18-25 per hour

    How to become a driver at Postmates: This Food delivery app is currently paying one of the best hourly rates to its drivers and riders. The company claims that it pays 100% of what a person makes on each delivery. The sign-up is free and doesn’t ask you for specific time commitments. With a vehicle along with pertaining documentation and a smartphone, you can work for Postmates.

    Postmates is another San Francisco based food delivery app, serving over 2,000 US cities. The company primarily focuses on the upward mobility of its workforce. It helps them with their taxes and finding health care. It is working with a range of non-profit and mission-driven organizations to do that.

    Follow this link to apply at Postmates.

    3. Caviar 

    caviar food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $25 per hour

    How to become a driver at Caviar: If you have a car, truck, bike, or scooter, you can join Caviar’s food delivery team. The sign-up with Caviar is simple. You can make good money with Caviar, but it has a 2-year experience needed prerequisite for the job. 

    Caviar has been working for the last eight years as a meeting point for diners and restaurants. Caviar’s payment method to its drivers is one of the best on the block. It partners with Cash App and lets drivers instantly withdraw the money they make with each delivery, so it’s easy to save

    Follow this link to easily apply at Caviar.

    5. Ubereats

    Uber Eats food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $8-12 per hour

    How to become a driver at Ubereats: It is one of the biggest food delivery networks in the US, standing on the goodwill and extensive footprint of Uber. If you are 19 years old with one-year experience of driving and a vehicle that has 1997 or later manufacturer year, you can sign up for Ubereats delivery job. In some cities, you can also register for bike and scooter delivery jobs.

    The rates at Ubereats might be lower than its competitors. However, the amount of work it offers can make up for those hourly rates. The flexible hours you can work put you in charge of your schedule. Also, the payment scene is quite agile.

    A driver can cash out five times a day via Instant Pay. Also, Ubereats tips $5 to drivers on every canceled order. 

    Follow this link to apply at Ubereats.

    6. Instacart 

    instacart food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $10-25 per hour 

    How to become a driver at Instacart:  If you are looking to make money while doing grocery shopping for others, then Instacart is the option you need to consider. You can sign up with Instacart as a full-service shopper that will buy the grocery and deliver it to customers’ doorsteps. 

    If you have a vehicle and smartphone, you can register with Instacart. Because this delivery job involves grocery items, Instacart experts its drivers to easily lift 30-40 pounds. You can also work as an in-store shopper that only helps customers with shopping. It’s an excellent app to earn extra cash.

    Follow this link to apply at Instacart.

    7. Favor 

    favor food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $10-18 per hour 

    How to become a driver at Favor: If you have a reliable means of transportation with a driver’s license and a smartphone, you can become Favor’s “Runner” with no experience required. Favor has some good incentives that can make up for its low hourly rates. For instance, you get a guaranteed minimum earning for scheduled hours. Also, Favor doesn’t deduct any commission from tips, and you get 100% of your earnings. 

    Favor is more than a food delivery app. It also helps its customers with other everyday shopping like grocery, dry-cleaning, etc. 

    Follow this link to apply at Favor.

    8. Saucey

    saucey food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $14 per hour

    How to become a driver at Saucey: If you are looking for an evening gig to make some extra cash, you can sign-up with Saucey. You must be at least 21 years with a vehicle, valid driver’s license, and a smartphone. Also, you need to have five years of clean DUI record.  

    Saucey is a delivery app for liquor that operates between noon and midnight. Saucey allows the drivers and riders to pick up the particular neighborhoods they want to operate in. This alcohol delivery platform also guarantees a minimum hourly wage to its drivers. For now, this app is working in six cities only.

    Follow this link to apply to Saucey.

    9. Shipt

    shipt food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $15-25 per hour

    How to become a driver at Shipt: Shipt also works like Instacart. The only difference is it only has a full-service shopper’s job that first picks up the grocery items from the store and then delivers it to customers. You must have one year’s experience of driving, a valid driver’s ID, a smartphone, and a cooler bag for signing up to become Shipt’s delivery guy.

    For now, Shipt is not operating in every state and city. Also, it requires its drivers and riders to be able to lift at least 25 pounds.  Shipt was founded in 2014 and acquired by Target in 2017.  

    Follow this link to apply at Shipt.

    10. goPuff 

    gopuff food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $15 per hour

    How to become a driver at goPuff: If you are 21 years old with access to a vehicle you are insured to drive, you can work for goPuff.  Besides these requirements, goPuff also gets the driver’s consent to run a background check if necessary. 

    goPuff is a delivery app but for convenience items like drinks, snacks, and other household items. The drivers working with goPuff get the schedule of their shift every week beforehand. The payments to drivers are made weekly and paid via direct deposit. 

    Follow this link to apply at goPuff.

    11. Eaze

    eaze food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $18 per hour

    How to become a driver at Eaze:  If you are 21 years or older and live in California with a vehicle and smartphone, you can sign-up for Eaze’s driver job. However, you will be delivering medical marijuana instead of food. Since the blanket marijuana legalization in California, such delivery jobs are sprouting in the state. 

    You will have to work between 9 am and 10 pm on an hourly basis. Eaze pays its drivers an hourly wage as well as mileage reimbursement. You also get 100% of the earned tips. 

    Follow this link to apply at Eaze. 

    12. Deliv 

    deliv food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $22 per hour 

    How to become a driver at Deliv: If you have a vehicle made in 1998 or later and have a valid driver’s license, you can work at Deliv. Also, you must have one year of driving experience as well and can lift 50 pounds of weight. In some cases, Deliv also runs background checks of their drivers. The wage potential is high and will be a good opportunity to learn how to manage your extra income.

    Deliv is a same-day delivery service of retail items, including food. Besides serving individual consumers, Deliv also fulfills the retail requirements of small enterprises from third-party vendors. 

    Follow this link to apply to Deliv. 

    13. Whole Foods Market

    whole foods market food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $34,213 per year

    How to become a driver at Whole Foods Market: If you are looking to have a full-time food delivery job, you can sign-up with Whole Foods Market. You need to have a valid driver’s license to work for this organic food supermarket. While hiring, the company prefers those who have any prior experience of working as a delivery driver. 

    Whole Foods Market has a unique and successful business proposition. It only deals with organic food that is free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats. As of now, this Austin-based food store is operating at 500 locations all around the world.

    14. Reinhart Foodservice 

    reinhart food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:


    How to become a driver at Reinhart Foodservice: This is another option for all those who are looking to embrace food delivery as a full-time career option. If you have a license and experience of driving commercial motor vehicles, you are eligible to apply at Reinhart. The full-time contract of Reinhart comes with a competitive benefits package. 

    Reinhart Foodservice has been working as a food supply company for around 50 years. The average amount it is paying to its drivers is better than many other full-time delivery jobs. 

    Follow this link to apply at Reinhart Foodservice. 

    15. Amazon Prime Now

    prime now food delivery job

    How Much You Can Earn:

    $18-25 hours

    How to become a driver at Amazon Prime Now: You can work as a delivery driver for Prime Now if you have a working, insured vehicle, and a smartphone. For Prime Now delivery jobs, Amazon doesn’t require particular specifications for vehicles. 

    Prime Now is a service by Amazon for its Prime members that involves same-day delivery of groceries and other convenience items. Besides the minimum hourly wage, Prime Now delivery drivers can also make a significant amount of money through tips while fulfilling the merchant pickups. 

    Follow this link to apply at Amazon Prime Now.

    Note: The hourly rates we have discussed here are gross amounts and subject to changes for different locations and hours. 


    If you want to work as per your own set schedule and without having the direct supervision of any bossman, food delivery jobs are definitely an option worth considering. The flexibility that comes with delivery jobs makes it a great side gig. You can run some hours in the evening or do weekends; it is up to you. 

    Also, it is a great way to have additional income. You can make around $1,000 every month without grinding it too much. 

    However, you also need to be aware of some of the downsides of the job. For instance, your vehicle will undergo a lot of wear and tear. Keep in mind, as an independent contractor, the money you will earn will be tax liable and you may need general liability insurance. Lastly, income fluctuations are quite high in food delivery jobs.