8 Resources For Writing A Resume And Preparing For A Job Interview

Escrow process checklist 8 Resources For Writing A Resume And Preparing For A Job Interview

Many people have made peace with the fact that crafting a winning resume is your ticket to a job interview. However, as soon as the internet became available to most of the population in developed and developing countries, it has largely influenced how job seekers find positions that are the best fit for them. So today, you should really invest in your resume and cover letter to make them work together for you.

However, there still are a few misunderstandings about cover letters and interviews that can ruin your chances of getting a dream job. Even a killer resume is only half of what is necessary for success. There is still a need to prepare for the interview to ace it in all ways possible.

So how can you do it? 

Try to create your own documents with online templates, or use resume services to have a top resume written by professionals at Skillhub. Also, many websites offer free written materials on how to improve your resume or ace an interview.

Below you’ll find a list of the best created for you by our experts:

1. SkillHub

SkillHub, as the name suggests, is a hub uniting professionals dedicated to making your job application package a success. They know all about wowing recruiters and employers by metrics and achievements from your previous experiences.

Also, they all sincerely want to help their clients progress in their career fields. By stating that, we mean that resume writing is not the only service offered. Specialists from SkillHub can really boost your chances of getting to the interview and nailing it by teaching you a few valuable tips.

2. Indeed.com

This well-known job search website provides a lot of relevant information on how to improve your resume or elevate interview acceptance chances in its blog. So take the time to look into what they have to offer. Professional career coaches share some basic facts about interviewing and preparation and discuss the most popular questions asked during a meeting.

Such a resource makes you one step ahead of the tricks invented by interviewers to make you nervous and lose it during the meeting.

So come prepared, and you’ll ace it!

3. The Balance Careers

Another great resource to ask for career advice is The BalanceCareers website. It usually publishes interesting materials concerning professional training, career growth, trends on the job market, etc.

If you are only wondering about a new job search or thinking about changing your career entirely, this resource has you covered. The authors publish practical advice, ready-to-use tips, and amazing real-life stories and statistics ­– all of which are available for free on the website.

4. The Muse

The Muse is also a great resource if you want to prepare for career growth, create a killer application package, and outshine competitors during the interview. In addition, there are many exclusive job openings available on their website as well.

The Muse offers career advice and coaching that can really increase your chances of getting hired. Also, it provides analytics on trending professions, the best companies to get employed by, and future tendencies in the market. Such a background is substantial for any job interview.

5. Career Profiles

If you need to start from the beginning and educate yourself on the advancements of the job market, get started with Career Profiles. This source has a significant amount of practical advice on ATS compatibility and the most popular interview questions. However, it’s great not only for the interview preparation process but also for resume writing. 

The whole material is structured in the form of a guide. Therefore, you can easily access the information you need without burdening yourself with unnecessary facts.

6. Medium.com

If you are looking for practical advice to create an outstanding resume that meets the demands of many employers, you should definitely check out Medium. This resource has a wide population of contributing authors who often are professional resume writers. This is a great chance to get advice from the top experts.

For example, Medium.com explains what keywords you should put on your resume to rank high in the system. Or what answers and questions you should prepare to improve your chances during the interview.

7. Study.com

Study.com has a tremendous amount of information for job seekers who are just starting their careers. However, some tips and advice might also be helpful for professionals looking for a significant career change. The information provided mostly refers to resume writing guides and tips.

The website has many links to practical tools to be used in the resume writing process. If you are still hesitant on what template you need, why, and the odds that your file will go through the ATS – read and follow Study.com’s tips. 

8. Your Company’s Website

This is actually the first place where you should look for information if you are invited to the interview. First, study the website and make sure you know some basic facts about the company. Learn something from its history, recent events, and notable achievements. Then, please go over the About page to learn more about its structure, goals, and vision.

It’s essential to learn more about the company you intend to work for before going to the interview. Otherwise, it may seem that you were sending out your resume without actually caring where it would end up. Also, this is the best resource for you to list your questions to interviewers.

Final Words

If you want to land an interview and make it on the list of selected individuals, be ready to invest some time and effort in the process. Today, only those who did their best writing a resume and preparing for an interview can get a job.

If you want to improve your chances of getting to more interviews and succeeding at them, the resources mentioned above should be the best places to consult for you. In addition, you can also look for excellent career-related podcasts or YouTube interviews with professional career coaches or HRs in your industry to learn the details.